Artist Showcase: Lands So Far Away…Yet So Close.

Florent Lebrun is a matte painter from Montreal, Canada. I came across his work when scouring the internet for beautiful desktop wallpapers, and I found it to be particularly haunting. An astronaut in a far away yet familiar place, a ship sailing before the walls of a majestic city, a mysterious temple, it pulls at me in a way not many other pieces of art can. Florence has the wonderful ability to utilize colors for either dark or light purposes, and to great effect either way. Beautiful worlds are shown alongside dangerous ones, and some of these could be Earth, while others pull at you and ask “Where am I?”.

You can see his full portfolio on ArtStation, but here are a few examples:




By Colin Kirby

I was born a few millennia too late and in the wrong universe. In another life, I was the great leader of a seafaring empire. I will lead you mortals into the dawn of a new era. Follow me.