Rest in Peace, General Organa.

M0nday started with a horrible declaration: Carrie Fisher, our beloved Princess and General, passed away. Following complications from a heart attack suffered Dec 23rd, it was announced by a family spokesperson  that she had passed on. In our 1+ years of Nrdly, this is the hardest [...]

Nrdly BONUS – Goin’ Rogue

The Kirby's talk about their experiences seeing "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", and vie into a spoiler-filled review, highlighting all their favorite parts from the second best Star Wars film ever made.

S02E01 – Diving Deep w/ CPOV

WE HAVE CO-HOSTS!! We're joined by Ben and Addy from "Certain Point of View" to talk about some of the Marvel greats: X-men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Deadpool. This is one of our favorite episodes ever. You can check out CPOV at

Nrdly Mini – Klayton (Celldweller)

Geof gets to talk to one of his biggest idols, Klayton. One of the premier music producers in the world, and a GIANT nerd, Klayton talks about his latest projects Scandroid and Circle of Dust, as well as what nerdy passions move him. You can [...]

Season 02/Episode 01 – A Little History Lesson

Been wondering about the history of one of the biggest comic book companies in the world? We've got you cover on Episode 1 of the new season of Nrdly!

S02E00 – Back in the Saddle

WE'RE BACK! Damn it feels good to be on the mic again. In the Season 2 opener of the Nrdly Podcast, you get to find out the big news we've been keeping from you guys for a few months now, and we play catch up [...]

Geof’s Top Horror of 2016

Hey guys! Welcome once again to this years annual Blood Week. We've seen comic reviews, /r/nosleep, and now for some films. Last year I did a post of my top 5 overall horror films, but this year I'm doing something different. Instead of recapping the [...]

Wytches Review: Who Would You Pledge?

  I’ve always been a big fan of comics as an art form, ever since I was little and picked up my first Spider-Man on the spinning rack at my local grocery store (my smallish city didn’t have a decent bookstore or comic store when [...]

Time Capsule- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Hello, fellow otaku! Welcome to the Time-Capsule, where we travel back and remember and discover old series and films that we missed, but TOTALLY should have checked out back in the day. For the first feature, I'm gonna dive into something that's been on my [...]

Episode 44 – TEAM MYSTIC!

The one where the Kirby boys wax nostalgia on their own journeys with the Pokémon franchise, and discuss the finer points of Pokémon Go and being a part of Team Mystic. Artwork BG: devilraik

Nrdly Mini – Winter Is Here

The one where the Kirby's tackle the Season 6 finale of "Game of Thrones".

Episode 42 – Death of a Bastard

The one where the Kirby boys dissect all the hits and misses of E3, and we get to Nrd out over the Battle of the Bastards.

An Otaku Music Primer

Hey Guys- Geof here, and I've got something different for The Otaku Den today. I'm a big fan of music, and it's no secret my love for otaku culture, so I thought I'd mix the two. Today's post is all about the artists I think [...]

Episode 41 – MOD ALL THE THINGS!!

The one where the Kirby's discuss console mods, E3, the new X-men and why it's not bad, and the latest episode of Game of Thrones (Spoiler: Lady Mormont is a badass).

Episode 40 – Hold the Door

The one where the Kirby boys talk about some of the newest game releases, and then almost have a complete emotional breakdown discussing the latest tearjerker from "Game of Thrones"

Episode 39 – Nrdly News!

It's time for another episode of Nrdly News! This time the Kirby boys outline some changes for the podcast and ramp the hype for Year 2 of Nrdly!

Episode 38- What Is Dead May Never Die

HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!! This week, the Kirby boys discuss plans for Nrdly- Year 2, and recap the last two weeks of truly epic Game of Thrones action. You can find the Reddit theories mentioned in this episode here and here.

Let’s talk about ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Hey otaku! Geof here, back with something I think we all need to discuss. There's been a lot of hype surround the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film. Starring Scarlett Johanson as Major Motoko Kusanagi, it's probably one of the most anticipated live-action anime films out [...]

Episode 37 – You Know Nothing…

The Kirby's are BACK! With their little hiatus over, they come full force, tackling Hollywood's "Ghost in the Shell", and nrdgasming about the new season of "Game of Thrones".

What’s Up With Nrdly?

Hey Nrd-fam! Geof here with a new blog update. As you may have noticed, we've changed some things around visually, and have added some new regular features. The first, as everyone probably knows by now, is one of our new columns, From the Other Side. [...]

Episode 36 – The Nrd Awakens, Pt 2

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the years most polarizing film (so far), the gloriousness of Final Fantasy XV, and have a total nerdgasm over Star Wars: The Force Awakens FINALLY being released on iTunes.  

First Listen: BabyMetal “Metal Resistance”

Hey Guys! Geof here, your fearless leader and resident otaku, with something new and a little different for Nrdly. When we decided to create "The Otaku Den", we wanted it to be a celebration of all things Japanese culture, not just anime and manga. I [...]

Final Fantasy XV gets an ANIME SERIES?!

For anyone living under a rock, the JRPG world has been rocked with the announcement of the September 30 release date for the long awaited Final Fantasy XV. Having started the game many (MANY) moons ago, Square-Enix has decided to grace us with not just a [...]

Episode 35 – Who Is The Girl?

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the merits of being Team Cap over Team Stark, the return of FLCL, and Geof has a sit down with an incredible new comic author, Cary Polkovitz! You can check out the print version of the interview with [...]

Episode 34 – Nrdly HQ Spring Announcements!

The one where the Kirby boys take some time and talk about what's going on with Nrdly! New columns? New HQ?? New cons?! YES!

Sit Down with Cary Polkovitz

One of the cool things about working at Nrdly is the time we get to spend talking with some really cool people. I've spoken to people from Star Wars, famous game designers, and now...I can add an awesome comic artist to the list. I got [...]

Episode 33 – Writer’s Block

The one where the Kirby boys talk about creativity and writing. Being creative is tough, so we share the tips we've picked up along the way to help YOU guys get on the road to creating the next generation of geeky content!

Episode 32 – MMO MADNESS!!

The one where the Kirby's discuss the history of MMO's, our favorite games, Tom Clancy's The Division, and the future of gaming.

Episode 31 – Wrath of the Demon Lord

The one where the Kirby boys take a trip into the land of Rûl to talk to Robert Schwalb, creator of their latest gaming obsession, Shadow of the Demon Lord. To find out more about Robert, and to pick up your copy of Shadow of [...]

Episode 30 – All Is Right With The World

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the beauty that is Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you've never seen the show, or need a refresher, listen to this week's episode.

Lightweek in Tech: Back Door Denial

Hey guys! It's Geof, back with another installment of Lightweek. Josh is still feeling like crap, so I'm taking over. There was some very interesting news in the world of tech this week, but arguably the biggest piece had to do with the conversation revolving [...]

Episode 29 – Nrdly News Live!!

The one where the Kirby boys dive into all the recent news from the geek film, tv, and game worlds. #NrdOn

Lightweek in Tech: What’s in the bag, Geof?!

Hey guys! Welcome to another edition of  What's in the Bag?!, our bi-weekly look at the daily carries of all our Nrdly staff. It's your fearless leader, Geof, taking over for Josh (who's come down with a case of "teh suck" this week). I'll be running [...]

Episode 28 – Verily, Amongst the Stars!

The one where the Kirby boys break down the geeky trailers from Super Bowl 50, and talk to Shakespearean Star Wars author, Ian Doescher! To purchase any of Ian's books, you can follow this link to Amazon and support his writing career.    

Episode 27 – Quarantine!

Hey guys- So due to sickness plaguing one half of the Nrdly Overlords, we've got a short one this week. A little 5 minute dose of X-Files and Nrdly news. Pardon the sound quality, too (we connected across vast distances this week). See you guys [...]

Episode 26 – 50 Shades of Geek

The one where the Kirby boys talk about Rey's parentage, what's going on in The Tower, and their other geeky obsessions beyond typical nerdery.

Nrdly Mini 05 – Magic Books

Geof talks about his new favorite books about magic on this new Mini. Mentioned are Lev Grossman's "The Magicians", "Alice" by Christina Henry, and "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik.

Episode 25 – Always

The one where the Kirby boys talk about 2016: the year of magic. From the resurgence of the Potter-verse, to Doctor Strange and more, this is the year that magic comes to the mainstream in more ways than before.

Nrdly Minis 04 – Kid Theater!

We're gonna try something new with the Mini for this week: Kid Theater! Colin brought his girlfriend, Emily the teacher, in to share some synopses of classic science fiction stories her students wrote out. Not gonna's pretty great. Join the Kirby boys and special [...]

Episode 24 – Swords and Cyborgs

The one where the Kirby boys talk their new favorite books, the difference between ebooks and physicals, and why Colin loves High Fantasy so much.  

Episode 23 – Year of the Nrd

Welcome to 2016, the Year of the Nrd! In this first of many new episodes, the Kirby boys talk about the upcoming plans for the year, our new favorite RPG, and why 2016 is the best time to be a Nrd.

Nrdly Mini – Star Wars Fans!!

This time around, Mini staff talks to Jacob Parker from the band "In Confidence" about his thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can check out "In Confidence" here


The one where the Kirby boys recount their spoilery thoughts of "The Force Awakens", and give a Geek State of the Union for 2015/2016 in this special double episode. #NrdOn!

Our fearless leaders were featured on local TV news!!

So it's official: Star Wars is OUT!! Colin and Geof were in line for a full 24 hours, and was brutal. When time got closer, some of our local news channels in Nashville arrived, and the Kirby boys were interviewed! You can check it [...]

Episode 21 – The Nrd Awakens

There's not much to say about this one: the boys have one final speculation session before "The Force Awakens". No spoilers here!

If you’re not watching “The Expanse” you’re missing out

In a fit of boredom this weekend, I scrolled over to Syfy on my OnDemand service. In my search, I came across a new show I had heard about, The Expanse. After checking out the first episode, I'm hooked. Before I get into it, I want [...]

Episode 20 – Original Trilogy Edition

The one where the Kirby boys continue Star Wars Month, this time talking about their love for the original trilogy, with a hint of things to come in Episode VII. Email us at and let us know what YOU'RE doing for Episode VII! We'll feature [...]

Nrdly Mini 02 – Nrdly News from Dec 04, 2015

Geof's back with another Nrdly Mini! Today we've got some news from the last 24 hours, including The Game Awards and the bad juju between Hideo Kojima and Konagi, the Star Wars PR train from this week, and a side note about the app, shirts [...]

Episode 19 – Midichlorians and You

The one where the Kirby boys kick off the month of Star Wars with an in-depth analysis of why the Prequel Trilogy is so divisive. They also mention Michael Jackson, and read a Facebook post.

Nrdly Mini’s 01 – James Neathery

In the first edition of Nrdly Minis: Geof talks to James Neathery from "Steampunk'd" about his love of steampunk culture and his experience on the show. To check out his work, head to Nrdly Minis are, well, MINI Nrdly episodes. We take cool snippets [...]

New “Star Wars” TV Spot Focuses on Kylo Ren

While everyone else was scarfing down turkey and fixins yesterday, Disney was hard at work giving us all a special surprise: A NEW STAR WARS TRAILER!! I know we said "no more Star Wars news/speculation", but man...I just can't help myself. Super sweet right? This [...]

Episode 18 – History is Geeky

The one where the boys go all in on modern history, ancient history, and how it all connects to the scifi and fantasy we know and love.

“Prometheus 2” Gets a New Title, Official Synopsis

I don't know about you, but I freakin LOVED Prometheus, Ridley Scott's first foray into the Alien universe in decades. I felt it stayed true to the original universe, while giving us something new, fresh, and...interesting. A lot of people called in confusing (and they're probably right), [...]

Potential Info On Kylo Ren’s Saber?!

Okay...I know I said no more Force Awakens news, but this isn't really...spoilery. More just...nice to know. An image was uncovered this weekend and posted to the sub-reddit r/StarWarsLeaks  (read at your own peril) concerning Kylo Ren's saber, and it delicious: There's all sorts of coverage [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Gets a New Teaser

Around Nrdly HQ, I'm known for two things: being the office joke for standing by the PS Vita, and my love for anime. You can say what you like, but I've loved every Gundam series that's ever been released (except for the horrible live-action attempt, G-Savior). [...]

No More Spoilers for “The Force Awakens”

Hey guys! So this week has been a pretty epic week for news regarding The Force Awakens, spread by Entertainment Weekly. While I have no problem with what they've revealed (it's all from J.J. himself), I wanna say that here at Nrdly we're gonna avoid [...]

Episode 17 – What Makes You So S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

The one where the Kirby's announce the Nrdly Web Store, talk about returning to everyone's favorite wasteland, and killin zombies in Black Ops III.

J.J. Abrams talks to Wired about “The Force Awakens”

We’re thirty-eight days away from experiencing the joy of a new Star Wars film, and the excitement is building to critical mass. Fandango was crashed, thousands have been spent by fans worldwide so far, and fans are rabidly gobbling every snippet of information they can [...]

GMX 2015: All the Best Cosplay

Last weekend Colin, Layne, Tyler, and I went to our local geek con, GMX, and had a freakin BLAST. It was an awesome time full of steampunk, superheroes, tabletop, Destiny, and more. What was TRULY impressive though, was the level of cosplay. Everyone was firing [...]

New Japanese “Star Wars” Trailer Shows Us More, and Nothing

This morning there was something special us Star Wars fans awoke to: A NEW FREAKIN TRAILER!! The Walt Disney Japan youtube channel unveiled the international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and boy is it a doozy. In addition to footage we've seen before, [...]

The Store Is Live!

You may have noticed a new button on the menu bar up top. That's right...the Nrdly Webstore is 100% live!! We've got our limited edition Periodic Tee up there now, and we'll have some sweet new swag in the coming weeks and months.       [...]

Fox News Guilty of Nerd-shaming “Star Wars” fans

Everyone's favorite TV bullies, Fox News, are back, this time with some good ole fashioned nerd-shaming. So here's the story: Neil Cavuto (there's your first clue) had two people on his show recently to talk about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens that debuted during Monday [...]

Episode 16 – Accio Nrds!

The one where the Kirby boys recap their weekend at GMX, and then dive headfirst into the vast ocean that is the "Harry Potter" fandom.

GMX con: Day One Recap

The first day of the premier mid-south geek con, GMX, was a whirlwind. Colin, Tyler, and I hit up some awesome panels, led by some incredible people. Some of the high points: -Medieval full contact foam fighting with one of our local LARP realms was [...]


Hey Guys! I hope you've been enjoying all of our Blood Week posts this week (I know WE have). Halloween is our favorite holiday around here, and we enjoy spreading our geeky spooky joy to all who wish to receive. In honor of this holiday, [...]

Review: DragonBall Z: Resurrection F

Any self-respecting anime fan knows about a little series called DragonBall Z. Released in the 90’s, and popularized here in America in the early 2000’s by Toonami, DragonBall Z has become a geek culture icon. The series (henceforth referred to as DBZ) has garnered critical [...]

Nrdly Blood Week: Retrospective- Donnie Darko

When you think of Halloween films, images of hockey masks, kitchen knives, and BRAAAAIIIIIINNNNSSS come to mind. Hallucinating,1980’s, emo-before-emo-was-a-thing teenagers with apparent time-traveling capabilities aren’t usually on the list. But that’s exactly what you get when you pop in “Donnie Darko”. Equal parts coming of [...]

Episode 15 – Blood Week!

Welcome to Nrdly's first annual Blood Week! This week's podcast is all about Halloween, spooky crap, and our favorite horror movies, comics, games, and more!  

Nrdly Blood Week: Geof’s Top 5 Horror Films

We’re kicking off our first annual Nrdly Blood Week with a countdown post. It’s no secret I’m the BIG horror guy here at Nrdly HQ. I grew up watching all manner of scary screen gems (and some not-so-gems). For today’s Top 5, I’ll mostly be [...]

Episode 14 – Hear Me Now

The one where Nrdly talks to Bill Cornelius, director of the anti-bullying doc Hear Me Now, about the dangers of bullying, and how those of us who have been, and are, struggling with abuse can find refuge from the pain. If you, or someone [...]

The Final Trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We got our breakdown of the trailer uploaded! Check it out below: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's happened: the final trailer. In a special moment during this week's Monday Night Football, we got a glorious look at the new Star Wars trailer, and's a beauty. Well...what do you [...]

Stephen Colbert had THE greatest musical guest…..EVER.

On last night's The Late Show Stephen Colbert flexed his geek muscle and had the greatest musical guest in the history of late night television. Yes. The Zelda Orchestra performed. I mean...incredible, right?! The Zelda Orchestra is currently touring around the country, spreading geeky musical joy [...]

Episode 13 – Such Anime. Many Fan-Service.

The one where the boys discuss the current state of anime, and pine for the good ole days.  

Ready for More Attack on Titan Stuff?

New York Comic Con was last week, and there was a TON of cool junk that came out of it. We'll be spending this week sharing some of our favorite bits, including this little nugget of interesting from the Kodansha Comics panel. In fall of [...]

View-Master Goes All Modern n’ Stuff

Mattel, purveyors of your childhood fun, have released the View-Master for the modern era. Gone are the little plastic and cardboard wheels, replaced by a slot for your phone. That's right...this version is a freakin VR MACHINE! Working alongside Google Cardboard, the new View-Master is [...]

Episode 12 – Revenge of the Nrds

Star Wars Week (again)!! The one where we recap everything that's happened since our last Star Wars Week, speculate some more about Episode 7, and premier a clip from our special guest!!

Colin Trevorrow talks Episode IX….sort of.

  When Jurassic World hit the "epic success" marker this summer, director Colin Trevorrow was linked to direct one of the new Star Wars saga films (not to be confused the "Anthologies" films. At Disney's D23 expo in August, he was officially announced as the leader [...]

Lucasfilm confirms new Star Wars trilogy is all about Skywalkers

We all know there's new Star Wars movies out this decade, right? Good, because I have a juicy tidbit from Kathleen Kennedy herself (head of Lucasfilm and producer of The Force Awakens) to kick off Nrdly's second Star Wars week. In an interview, Kennedy has [...]

My Life in Geekdom

Hey Guys! Geof here...writing an actual blog post! We've been using the blog for various posts that we didn't quite have a category for lately, but that's gonna change with this post. It's been 2 months since we launched Nrdly, and we've hit some incredible [...]

Opening Titles to American Horror Story Hotel Released

It's October, which mean haunts, ghouls, zombies, blood, and a new season of one of my favorite shows, American Horror Story. My wife and I have followed every year (she finished Murder House, I didn't), and look forward to the beginning of October for this [...]

The Green Inferno is Eli Roth’s Latest Masterpiece

I just wanna say…holy. bawls. This movie was BRUTAL. Eli Roth is known for being one of the major players in “The Splat Pack” a group of directors that includes Alexander Aja, Rob Zombie, and James Wan. Full of blood, entrails, flesh, and terror, The [...]

The Vita is Dead, Long Live Vita

I’ve not made it any secret around Nrdly that I’m the resident PS Vita guy. I love my little “Pocket PS3”, and while I struggle to find time (sometimes) to play, some of my favorite games can be had on the system. I know what [...]

Show Your Love for Jabba the Hutt in Style

Have you ever wanted your very own, semi life-size Jabba the Hutt to proudly display on your lawn? I know I have, and thanks to the fine people over at Think Geek YOU CAN!! Purveyors of all things nerdy and slightly useless (but totally necessary), [...]

Thank the Maker! Pacific Rim 2 is STILL HAPPENING!!

This summer has been one of waffling from studios and strife for fans of the epic robots-vs-kaiju film Pacific Rim. Everyone's been eagerly awaiting its sequel, but earlier this summer, some news that it may not get made rocked the geek world. Legendary pictures had [...]

Episode 11 – No Clever Title, Just Comics

The one where we talk about our favorite comics, comics movies, Batman, and we check in on Laugh-O-Gram. clever title.....we were tired.  

Another SWEET X-Files Trailer

When I was a kid, I would always try to sneak episodes of The X-Files into my Sunday night schedule, which was difficult as it was past my (draconian) bedtime. It was one of those shows that solidified my love for science fiction and conspiracy [...]

Amazing Fan-Film Gives Us the Freddy Krueger We Deserve

As rumors abound of ANOTHER Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, Some incredible fans have taken matters into their own hands and given us a glorious look into the origins of good ole Freddy. Written and directed by Nathan Milliner, "The Confession of Fred Krueger" is [...]

Anime retrograde: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Probably my favorite anime series of all time, and potentially one of the best pieces of visual art to date, Neon Genesis Evangelion has had a long and storied existence since it’s release in 1995. Created by famed writer/director Hideki Anno, Evangelion is a deconstruction [...]

Episode 10 – Too Legit to Crit

The one where we talk about our favorite tabletop and board games, and Layne Ihde is back with an interview with Mike from DragonFall Con.

Episode 9 – All Your Base Are Belong To Us


Today's Playstation event at the Tokyo Game Show just dropped some epic Vita related news. As a self-proclaimed Vita apologist, this excites me to no end. Here's a short collection of what I'm MOST stoked for.             I don't think [...]

Interview: Nilah Magruder from M.F.K.

I'm a big fan of indie comics. I PREFER indie comics to mainstream (even though I respect them), and webcomics is a world I'm slowly growing into. I'm always on the lookout for new material to devour, and one day I came across M.F.K. (you [...]

Star Wars Uprising Gives Us the First Look at the New Star Wars Canon

With The Force Awakens coming to theaters in less than 100 days, and with Force Friday now behind us, there's been an endless stream of Star Wars news and goodies, seemingly every day. One of the most anticipated things is the recently released Star Wars [...]

Funko and Disney Announce Smuggler’s Bounty!

Funko, peddler of those Pop! figures that border on a crack addiction for many, has teamed up with Disney, caretaker of the Star Wars franchise, to create the first, COMPLETELY OFFICIAL Star Wars subscription box service. Titled Smuggler's Bounty, they promise a multitude of exclusives for [...]

Review: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

I'm an avid reader. Always have been and, despite my slacking over the last couple of years, always will be. I started off small, immediately went HUGE, and have leveled off into average size novels as I've gotten older. One of my favorite authors over [...]

Episode 8 – Much Film. Many Hero.

The one where we talk about the overabundance of superhero movies, our Force Friday haul, and the case for comics and video games as legitimate art.

“The Force Awakens” Soundtrack has an Official Release Date

It wouldn't be a Star Wars film without John Williams and his magic touch. Mr. Williams has returned for the score to The Force Awakens, and now we know when we'll be able to pick it up. According to Walt Disney Records, the score will be [...]

Nrdly hit up Force Friday

Early this morning, at 4 am CST, I woke up, groggy from my three hours of sleep. I trudged to the shower, emerging refreshed and slightly more awake. I threw on my favorite Star Wars tee, my favorite jeans, and grabbed my Bag of Holding [...]

My first Love: Star Wars

So...this being the YEAR of Star Wars, and with Force Friday upon us, I have decided to take it upon myself to write something a little more heartfelt about my first love. When I was a kid, I wasn't very well-received by society (like most [...]


Force Friday is upon us and, following the deluge of epic that was the Star Wars Live Unboxing stream (that ended this morning), there's been a lot of internet fervor over one item in particular. Sphero's BB-8 working, rolling, talking, drivable, patrolable robot will be IN [...]

Hyper Realistic Hyrule? YES PLEASE!!!

Everyone loves Ocarina of Time. If you don't, you're not human. It was one of the most influential games of all time and set the standard for RPG's from that point forward. It was the one game that launched my deep passion for gaming. All that [...]

Episode 7 – Tolkien Around

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the best LOTR/Hobbit Trilogy soundtracks, why everyone HATES PJ for ruining The Hobbit, and more Tolkien related goodness. For a small collection of Nrdly Middle Earth wallpapers for your phone/PC, click HERE!!

Check out the opening to Halo 5: Guardians

The Microsoft corner of the internet exploded this morning when the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians showed up on Youtube. Behold....the glory.   Let's give a rundown here: Epic Spartan battle action Crazy battle between Forerunner and Covenant forces FRAKKIN NATHAN FILLION!!!!!! recap: [...]

New Xbox One ELITE bundle drops in November

Around here at Nrdly, we're Sony fans. I've got a Vita, Colin has his PS4, and beside Nintendo, and a brief stint with 1st gen Xbox, we've always been Playstation people. This new bundle from Microsoft, though, is seriously tempting me for my next home [...]

Have you seen the new Star Wars Lego commercial yet?!?!

In the lead up to Force Friday, leaks have been bustin out left and right. First was the EPIC Hasbro catalogue leak and now comes a sweet Lego commercial. In it...we KIND of learn a plot point, and hear BB-8's speech for the first time!! [...]

Worst video game ever made sells for over $100k

After 34 days of development in 1982, "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" was released to critical horror. It was the worst game ever made (if you don't believe me....go find a youtube clip. I've played's me...), and promptly it was shunned and pulled from the [...]

Diablo fans REJOICE! Patch 2.3.0 is LIVE!

With patch 2.3.0 dropping today, a lot of Diablo 3 fans are ready to get back in and start the old grind all over again. I, myself, am super stoked about all the new changes with the patch right before season 4 starts on August [...]

WHOVIANS REJOICE! BBC and Lego Join Forces for Doctor Who Joy

Praise be to Gallifrey! The BBC and Lego have announced a partnership to bring Doctor Who, arguably the BEST thing since...well...time, to the world of awesome building bricks. Including Daleks, the TARDIS, Weeping Angels, and more from the vast expanse of time and space. The [...]

Interview: Corey Mann, Artiste Extraordinaire

For millennia, mankind has had a fascination with art. It seems like it's ingrained in our souls, the want and desire to take a type of instrument and recreate what we see, think, and feel on paper (or some other material). This week I had [...]

Episode 6 – Nostalgia Time!

This week, Colin and Geof take on a trip down nostalgia lane, and discuss how and when they got into geek culture, their favorite nerdy pastimes, and more. We hit you right in the geeky feels this week. Share YOUR experiences with geek culture in [...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s creator wishes people would figure it out

If you're into horror games, you know about Five Nights at Freddy's. This year the games designer/creator/master of terror, Scott Cawthon, released FNaF4, one of the BEST games in the series. In an update on Steam, however, he addressed the storyline of his latest masterpiece: [...]

Gotham Season 2 trailer gets a little Joker-y

If you're into the Gotham show, then you probably picked up on the hints and easter eggs pointing to the Joker being one of the big baddies in season 2. Well...if you've been wishing it, looks like it's about to come true. The trailer for [...]

Jurassic World Review: “I was in awe”

Colin Trevorrow recently directed the big summer block-buster hit Jurassic World (2015), starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, as they battle The Indominus Rex: a dinosaur bred to destroy. This was a highly anticipated movie after the somewhat disappointing sequels of the original Jurassic Park [...]


Is anyone excited about Force Friday??? The premiere of all the new Star Wars Episode VII merch is upon us (September 4 to be exact), and we here at Nrdly are busy prepping our souls and wallets for the deluge of plastic goodness.   In [...]

Marvel Adds Incredible Fan-Service to New Comics in September

Those familiar with the comics universe are no stranger to variant covers. Those collectible, really AWESOME, special edition covers that are generally better than the mass-market versions. Marvel is one of the biggest proponents of the variant game, and this September (next month) they're doing [...]

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Sneak Peak at NY Comic-Con

Attendees of this year's New York Comic-Con we'll be getting a special treat, as Disney XD will premiere new footage from season 2 of their fantastic Star Wars Rebels series. This is a spoiler free post, but I'll let Star Wars throw some extra info in: [...]

Chris’ Favorite Star Wars Swag

It being Nrdly’s Star Wars week I’m being yelled at to contribute some Star Wars content (jk...I love my Nrdly overlords). On the one hand I do love me some Star Wars, wouldn’t be much of a nerd if I didn’t. On the other though, [...]

J.J. Talks Han Solo and His Mythos

Han Solo. One of the highest rated characters in ANY science-fiction world. The guy is a total badass, and we all love him for it. His return in Episode VII is nothing short of awesome, and I for one am completely stoked to see he [...]

Pro sabers for Pro fans

In case you've been living under a rock in the Jundland Wastes, you know that there's a new Star Wars movie coming this winter (check out the Nrdly Podcast for ALL the deetz). With each new Star Wars film, comes a slew of super-fans who [...]

Episode 5 – The Force Among Us

The first of MANY Star Wars Specials Nrdly will be doing in the lead up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens. We discuss the D23 Expo, Rogue One, Saber Forge, and get emo on the new trilogy.

New Disney Legends Anointed; Johnny Depp & George Lucas Included!

There was a TON that happened at the D23 Expo this weekend, not the least of which was the induction of Johnny Depp, George Lucas, Danny Elfman, and others into the exclusive club of Disney Legends. Geek Godfather Mr Lucas, when he was given his award, [...]

New Captain America: Civil War info (SPOILERS)

I know this is Star Wars week here at Nrdly, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the other GREAT stuff that came out of this years D23 Expo. One of the most non-Star Wars things that happened was the footage and info from Captain America: Civil [...]

Anyone Remember Figment? Well…HE’S BACK!

One of my favorite rides at Disney World's Epcot theme park when I was a kid was the Journey Into Imagination ride. Figment, the mascot, was this cool purple dragon who, as a kid, was a GREAT introduction to dragons and imagination (it was the kickstart [...]

New Star Wars Experiences Coming to Disney THIS YEAR!!

Following yesterday's news about a larger Star Wars presence at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Lucasfilm and Disney have announced two new experiences hitting the parks this year! The first is something called Star Wars Launch Bay. From the Star Wars site: Star Wars Launch Bay [...]

FORCE BE PRAISED! Star Wars Areas Hitting Disney Parks!

D23 Expo this year was MASSIVE! Full of great Star Wars news in the lead up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens, not the least of which is this little tidbit: NEW STAR WARS LANDS ARE HITTING BOTH DISNEY PARKS!! Disney CEO Bob Iger had this to [...]

G.R.R.M…..Why Must You Toy With Us So?!?!

George R.R. Martin, geek god of awesome hats (and the writer of a small series called A Song Of Ice And Fire), has now stated the ending of the series will be "bittersweet". "[Lord of the Rings] ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory," he [...]

Marvel’s New Comic Sounds AWESOME

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the title of a new, Pixar-feel inspired comic from Marvel. At the helm are writers Amy Reeder (Madame Xanadu, Batwoman) & Brandon Montclare (Rocket Girl, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four), artist Natacha Bustos (Strange Sports Stories), editor Mark Paniccia & assistant editor Emily Shaw. [...]

Holy Junk! “The Hateful Eight” trailer Is Out, And It’s Glorious!

I've been a HUGE Quentin Tarantino fan for years, and as such, I've been following the saga of The Hateful Eight and it's on-again-off-again flip flopping. You can imagine my excited today when the trailer hit the Youtubes! Check it out below, and get stoked.  

YOUR Art Can Be Featured at “Star Wars: Art Awakens”

OHMYGOD!! The Nrdly office is FREAKING out right now about this news. Star Wars and HP have teamed up to create a sweet art exhibit with pieces based on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The event is called Art Awakens, and will take place in [...]

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey will be PREMIUM in US & Europe

Indie studio Kobojo and some Final Fantasy creators have a SWEET iOS game coming out called Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey (announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show), and it looks like a harkening back to the Final Fantasy we all grew up on. I, for one, [...]

Digital vs Traditional: The New World of Comics Creation

For EONS (or decades...whichever) comics and illustrated works have been done by hand, ink, pencil, & paper. Even in this world of modern technology, nothing can beat the good ol' #2. Lately, though, a lot of artists have been converting to digital for the actual [...]

Episode 4 – #GodBlessPickboy

This week talk to our buddy Logan Sekulow about a multitude of things, not the least of which is his AWESOME Laugh-o-Gram paper. Laugh-o-Gram is a sweet physical paper full of nothing but comic strips. All your old school favorites (think Peanuts, Family Circus, Garfield), [...]

Writing Comics: My Struggle

I've mentioned it a few times here and there, but at Nrdly, I don't just write stories and blogs. I also write comics. I'm working with my amazing art partner on a new series as I type (we'll reveal more later on), and we have [...]

Is Super Meat Boy FINALLY getting a sequel?!

Did you ever have a chance to play the SUPER AMAZINGNESS that was Super Meat Boy? No?? Okay...go play it. We'll wait. ...   ....   .....   .......   Done? Good. You want a sequel now, right? Well...for the longest time, the guys over [...]

Episode 3 – Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

The one where Fanfiction gets its due diligence, and Colin is grilled on LOTR crap.  

Episode 2 – Have You Seen My Goggles?

The one where we talk to Steampunk legend, Ryan Dunlap.  

Geof’s Geek State of the Union, Pt. 1

Ever since I was a kid, I've always dreamed of doing something like this. Parlaying my passions into some sort of career, be it writing, music, gaming, or something else entirely (at one point it was skateboarding and archaeology). It's amazing and breathtaking for me, [...]

Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” hits in 2017

Ready Player One, the best nerdy nostalgia trip ever, is making it's way to theaters on December 15, 2017, according to a rep from Warner Bros. Steven Spielberg is at the helm, giving everyone around the globe a sense of hope for the future of [...]

Back to the Future Monopoly. Nuff Said.

This post really doesn't need anything said. It's Monopoly...Back to the Future style. You can preorder it now from your local games/comic shop. For now...bask in the glory of our gallery below. Source  

Guide to Gundam

I don't think it's any secret around here that I'm a HUGE anime guy. One of my favorite series is Gundam: ANY form of Gundam. I started, like many Americans, on New Mobile Report Gundam Wing on Toonami. After that, the floodgates were open, and I scoured [...]

No New “Doctor Who” in 2016?!?!?!?! read that right. Private Eye, a British magazine known for it's satire (and it's uncannily accurate Who predictions), has reported that the BBC has requested Steven Moffat step down for a season to finish the latest installment of Sherlock (which DOES lessen the sting a [...]

M.F.K. is the best webcomic you’ll read all year

I come across plenty of webcomics every week. I'm inspired by others creativity, and as a indie-comic creator myself, I love seeing the art and reading what others in my chosen field are doing. It's not a surprise when I come across something great, but [...]

Episode 1 – Now with NO Jar-Jar

Welcome to the first episode of the Nrdly Podcast! In this episode: The one where the Kirby's introduce Nrdly, nerdgasm over The Force Awakens, and discuss the summer of awesome: from E3 to SDCC.

My First Time: A Nerd’s Escape

When I was a kid, I was bullied, beaten, and pushed around and aside from everyone I knew at the time. Like many other kids who were different looking/acting, I wasn't very well received. It started in the third grade, a time when most children [...]

Ronda Rousey loves….Pokemon?!

If you haven't heard by now, Ronda Rousey is, according to Sports Illustrated, "The Most Dominant Athlete Alive". She's also a HUGE Pokemon nerd. Speaking to MMA Fighting on Youtube, she describes her love for the long-running series, where it began, her first card and [...]

Studio Ghibli blu-ray box set hitting your living room soon

As the resident anime geek here at Nrdly, it should come as no surprise that I'm a HUGE fan of Hayao Miyazaki and his work with Studio Ghibli. One of the first anime feature films I saw was Princess Mononoke, and I've not looked back [...]

Nintendo does a loot box

The company that kickstarted gaming into the collective hearts of the world, Nintendo, is getting in on the subscription box game with it's own N-box (purported title). It will debut only in the UK, for now, through Nintendo's online store. I was a big fan [...]

“The Mountain” wins Europe’s Strongest Man…AGAIN!

If you're like us here at Nrdly HQ, you're a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones (and the ASOIAF series), and if that's the case, you know ALL about Gregor Clegane, a.k.a The Mountain. The man who embodies the most intimidating man in Westeros,  Hafthor “Thor” [...]

Attack on Titan gets a….mini-series?!

Around Nrdly HQ, I'm know as the resident "anime guy". I've been watching it for close to 20 years now, and one of my recent favorites has been Attack on Titan. The story of giant Titans eating humans has been taking the world by storm [...]

Hot Toys adding improvements on the crazy-pricey Hulkbuster armor

ICYMI: Hot Toys unveiled their awesome $800 Hulkbuster armor collectible (which you can check out here) earlier in the year, with a ridiculously long production time ahead of it. I thought it was pretty epic, albeit a little pricey for a collectible. Well this week, [...]

Just to say thanks

Hey Nrdly faithful!  I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for ALL the love! We've received some incredible numbers in our first week of existence here on the Internet, and it's all down to everyone here who's been liking, commenting, and sharing. [...]

New Star Wars gear for your furry kids and human kids.

Do you have human children? How about furry children? you have another way to geek em out. Some awesome "nerd stuff" bombs were dropped this weekend, and I can't WAIT to spend a bunch of money I don't have on this sweet crap.   [...]

2015 British Fantasy Awards nominees announced

From 1972 onward, the British Fantasy Awards has handed out awards to the best in British fantasy. This years nominees have been announced, and it's a pretty solid list. You can check it out below, and on the official site. Best Fantasy Novel (the Robert [...]

Need a refresher before Kingdom Hearts 3? last month we got a SWEET look at Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. ICYMI, we've posted the video below. Watch that, then catch up with us after: Okay...looks pretty sweet right? Like...HOLY BAWLS it looks amazing! I'm foaming at the mouth in anticipation for this. [...]

“Pixels”: the only film not worth reviewing in 2015 (so far)

So.....Pixels. Pretty much the worst rated movie of the year. Here at Nrdly, were not even gonna bother with it. Which really sucks, because the premise is a really cool idea, and if done right, could have been an AWESOME film (a la Scott Pilgrim). [...]

Del Toro and Kojima Still Have Plans…

So apparently, in the post-Silent Hills world we live in, Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima are still pals, and still want to make stuff. I mean...that's the best news since Pacific Rim 2 and the possibility of Hellboy 3. As you all remember, P.T., [...]

Geof’s Favorites: Books

Today's the day I list out some of my favorite books. Now...this isn't a list of "best books of all time" or anything. Just a few of my favorites. I haven't read much new lately, being busy with launching Nrdly and such, but I plan [...]

Spartan Games is now shipping Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach

Spartan Games (no relation to the Halo franchise, coincidentally) is now shipping their new tabletop game with a mouthful of a name, Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach. Putting you at the center of the most pivotal naval battle in the fight against the [...]

Dark Horse releases their schedule for 2015+

In a post-SDCC world, things are rough. No more big announcement fun, no more parties, lots of exhaustion and kicking back with your feet up (rest those puppies, for Hall H lines are cruel). But Dark Horse is here to save the day and remind [...]

ICYMI: New EXTENDED Attack on Titan trailer

Over the weekend, we had a plethora of Attack on Titan goodness. First there was the premiere of part 1 film last week in LA. Then the epic trailer was released. NOW there's an EXTENDED trailer! MORE TITANS!! You can find out more about the film [...]

Morning Listen: J-POP Joy

This morning on the way in to Nrdly HQ, I got a hankerin for some good ole J-pop. I've worn out all my Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, and Gundam Seed playlists, so I thought I'd fire up Apple Music and take a search journey. Low [...]

The “Little Golden Book” gets a geeky upgrade member those Little Golden Books from when you were a kid? You know which ones I mean. I can't tell you how many times I read about that pokey little puppy. Well....prepare to revisit your childhood,  because Star Wars is entering it in a [...]

Who DOESN’T love a little Lying Cat?

So there's this guy on tumblr who's taken Garfield comics, stripped out Garfield himself, and replaced him with Lying Cat from the fantastic Saga series. In a's glorious. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Source

Check this out: Alterna Comics

While everyone else is freakin out Marvel this and DC that, I'm over here just diggin on some creator-owned action. One of my favorite publishers is Alterna Comics. If you don't who these guys are, I pity you. Alterna has some dope stuff: Mother Russia, [...]

Microsoft has actually made something I want more than HoloLens

Okay...maybe not MORE than HoloLens, but dammit...I still want this! It's a foldable keyboard that works with iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows devices. I mean...freakin-A! I know I already have the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard, but about awesome portability. Snaps shut with a magnet. [...]

Geof’s Top 5: Favorite Anime

If you know me at all, you'll know I'm the BIG anime nerd here at Nrdly HQ. I've been watching and following the industry for close to 20 years, and it's been a wild ride. These last 5 years or so I've slacked off a [...]

So Nrdly is officially LIVE!

Hey guys- FINALLY the site is LIVE!!! I hope everyone is enjoying what we've put together, and what we'll continue to do through Nrdly. All of us here at Nrdly HQ have some great stuff planned for the future. We'll be constantly updating with new features, [...]

Neil Blomkamp release concept art from the new ‘Alien’ film

I'm just presenting this without comment. Just revel in the beauty of this image, and hit the source for more. Source: Empire  

First details of ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ revealed!

I just squealed like a terrified pig. The first details of the first book in the Journey to The Force Awakens series, Star Wars: Aftermath, have been revealed in an article in Entertainment Weekly. Apparently, someone at the publisher's office ACCIDENTALLY LEAKED the opening few [...]

Ex Machina: Intelligent Scifi

So I watched Ex Machina last night, the directorial debut from Alex Garland, the mastermind behind 28 Days Later and Sunshine. I'm still reeling from the "brain hurt" science of the film, so I'll try to give the best review I can. First off, the [...]

How to play: Dating Sims

Polygon has a pretty great article for all of us on the creepy side of gaming on how to play and understand dating sims. For those not in the know, dating sims are HUGELY popular in Japan, with virtually every single console of the last [...]


            Hey guys- Geof here at Nrdly. Just wanna say how excited we at the Nrdly. Cave are to share this passion project with all of you. We know, from personal experience, how many sites there are that throw geek [...]

“Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” Channels Your Victorian Gangster Fantasies

Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" franchise is polarizing. You either love the series and buy every new game, or you believe it's all a big money grab and dedicate your life to trolling sites like Kotaku or IGN whenever you see an AC related news piece. You [...]

Ernest Cline hits you right in the nostalgia-feels with ‘Armada’

Ernest Cline is releasing his latest novel in the Ready Player One series, Armada, and boy does it sound awesome. Rolling Stone did a great interview with Cline, talking about his inspirations behind Armada, pop culture, and his influences. It's worth a read, for sure, [...]

“Warcraft” Movie Trailer Focuses On….Pregnant Orcs?

With San Diego Comic-Con wrapping up over the last few days, it's needless to say leaks are everywhere. Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman, Deadpool, etc. are plastered all over the internet, but there's one that hits a group of people that have been awaiting their [...]


I don't know if there's a movie coming in 2016 I'm MORE excited about (besides anything Star Wars related) other than Suicide Squad. The teaser was released Monday, following the Hall H panel at SDCC 2015, and my GOD it looks amazing. I had my [...]

Everyone’s favorite snark-masters…TOGETHER!

According to the Marvel blog, and announced last week at SDCC, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness are putting together SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL. Imagine: everyone's favorite 4th-wall breaking asshat with the spidery sarcastic mutant. Sounds like a win-win to me! You can find out more info at the official [...]

Auri-El be praised! ESO finally gets a DLC pack!!

Damn Nords, it's about time! "The Elder Scrolls Online", Zenimax Online Studios' first (And obviously most successful title), FINALLY gets a DLC pack after almost a year and a half, a console release, and a complete reworking of the end-game leveling system after death threats [...]

Pixelated masterpiece gets Windows 10 beta

In addition to the INCREDIBLE Hololens version, Minecraft has now gotten a Windows 10 beta. Sounds like it's merging some of the Pocket Edition features with some cool new stuff. Check out all the info at Xbox Wire.   GET IN THAT DAMN CART, PIG!

Goat Simulator blowing stuff up on PS4/PS3

Everyone's favorite "physics-be-damned" game featuring asshole goats is FINALLY coming to everyone's favorite next ten/past gen consoles. Starting August 11, you can become a goat, and break stuff. It's pretty much he greatest thing ever. Check out more over on the Official Playstation Blog.

Dan Aykroyd to cameo in Feig’s “Ghostbusters”

The film gods have delivered! One of the original Ghostbusters, Mr. Aykroyd himself, is filming a cameo in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot/make/whatever-the-hell-it-is. This is welcome news, as I had low hopes for this film. It JUST might be worth it now...   Source: iO9

The best movie at SDCC you DIDN’T hear about

According The New York Times, Luc Besson is back with another, sure to be incredible, film: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I'm a big fan of Besson's films, so I'm just as excited for this announcement. From the man himself at his smaller, lesser [...]