Lightweek in Tech: Best of 2016

The dumpster fire that has been 2016 is over and we look forward to a better 2017...especially with CES going on this week. To call 2016 a complete failure would be unfair. It's been pretty good for technology and gadgets. There's a good handful of improvements [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Making the Switch

For the past year I've bought into Apple's ecosystem. An iPhone 6S Plus, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Music and for a time, a MacBook. For the most part, everything works nicely together. iOS 10 brought in HomeKit and better controls over my smart home [...]

Lightweek in Space: Remembering John Glenn

Today we lost a pioneer of manned space flight. John Glenn. The first American to orbit the Earth. A highly decorated veteran pilot of World War II and the Korean War. He was a 4-term Senator from 1974 to 1999. He returned to space once [...]

Lightweek in Tech Support: Account Security and Tips

Sorry for the absence friends, been a hectic month. We're back and ready for more. Lightweek in Tech Support is something I'm looking to do every so often. With the holidays coming up, rest assured my Nrdly brethren we'll be called upon to provide the [...]

Lightweek in Tech: The New MacBook Pro

After months of waiting, rumors and leaks, the new MacBook Pro models are upon us. Yesterday, Apple took to the stage to celebrate their 25th anniversary of their first laptop by finally revamping their professional line of laptops. People are going to have mixed opinions [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Microsoft Announcements Recap

Yesterday, Microsoft took Center Stage ahead of Apple to announce new Windows updates and features plus some new and updated hardware. Windows will see a feature update in the Spring of 2017. They're calling it the Creators Update. Also announced was Microsoft's first look at [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Smarthome Update

It's been a day or three since I took a look at my progress in the world of smart home technology. I've made some minor adjustments, but overall I've been liking how I've got things going for the time being. I want this Lightweek to [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Samsung’s Mix Tape – On Fire

Boy has Samsung had it rough as of late regarding their Note 7. Can any phone catch fire? Yes. The batteries in our smart phones contain very volatile materials. Things can happen. However, we've not really seen anything this damning since the "hoverboards" from last [...]

Lightweek in Space: Mars & Space X Announcement

Last week, Elon Musk took to the stage for a big announcement for Space X and Mars. For a long time now, Space X's ultimate goal has been interplanetary travel and long term migration of people to Mars or other worlds and moons. Putting people [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Apple’s HUGE Problem

When iOS 10 hit the masses two weeks ago, a few people took notice that Messages app's gif search was unfiltered and poorly executed. A kid was replying to her father and looked for a gif with the keyword of "huge" and in return explicit [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Adjusting to iOS 10 – General Tips & Tricks

Change isn't always easy. iOS 10 went public last week and it wasn't smooth sailing for everyone. Several users tried to update over the air (OTA) when the clock struck and Apple pushed it live, only to be met with an iPhone in recovery mode. [...]

Lightweek in Tech: 4K/UHD TV – Upgrade or Not?

Last month I made the switch to 4K - UHD (Ultra High Definition) from an early LED Samsung model. It was aged and was going to need to be replaced eventually and I was having some issues with some HDMI ports. I ended up getting [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Apple iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

Today, Apple announced the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The most notable change comes with the removal of the headphone jack. We'll come back to this in a moment. Other changes include a new color, in addition to the gold, silver, rose gold and [...]

Lightweek in Space: T-Minus One Year to Solar Eclipse 2017

As I type this, a year from now, I'll hopefully be in Nashville with Geof, Colin and some other friends I have there. We would've just finished viewing the totality of the solar eclipse and we're in the final partial phase as the Moon's disc [...]

Lightweek in…Gaming? No Man’s Sky!

This week brought us a much anticipated game in the form of No Man's Sky. A procedurally generated universe filled with alien life, flora and fauna, star systems and supposedly multiple galaxies. The goal, as I understand it, is to find the center of the [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Windows 10 Anniversary Update

July 29th brought about the end of the free upgrade to Windows 10. Hopefully, if you wanted Windows 10, you managed to upgrade in time. I was quick to do my desktop in the first day or two it became available. Windows 8 was usable, [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Smarter Cars

I've talked before about smarter homes, and I've talked about having CarPlay in my car. But I haven't really touched much on smart cars, or the newer technology in the cars we'll be seeing on the road sooner than later. Cars that can park themselves [...]

Lightweek in Tech: iOS, watchOS & macOS Beta, Synergy!

Earlier this month, Apple release macOS and iOS 10 for public betas. One of the more useful features are the ones that bring them together…synergy. Like using your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. Or browsing something on your iPhone on Narwhal (my Reddit app [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Pokémon Go & Mr. Robot

Sorry for the delay folks, Lightweek will be back to normal next week. Super busy at my day job and I do this in my spare time. I took some time this weekend to catch up on some TV and by chance, this week is [...]

Lightweek in Space: NASA’s Juno Orbital Insertion

Last night, the spacecraft Juno successfully inserted into an orbit around Jupiter. To do so, it had to decelerate by 1200 mph to a speed that would maintain the velocity required to orbit. Orbiting anything is essentially falling around something. You travel fast enough laterally [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Apple MacBook 12″ (2016) Review

I went back and forth on what Mac to get as my next computer. I have a desktop I use for gaming that's giving me issues and I'm not exactly pleased with how Microsoft is handling their updates to Windows 10 in that they're forcing [...]

Lightweek in Tech: iOS 10 Preview

Sorry Android users, more Apple talk today. You can check out what I had to say about the I/O 2016 event here. I've been using the iOS 10 developer preview for my iPhone 6S Plus for a few days now, but I haven't installed any [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Pre-E3 and WWDC Primer

With E3 and WWDC beginning today, last week was a pretty slow week. We got glimpses of hardware forthcoming like the codenamed "Neo" PS4 which will support 4K/UltraHD video. The PS4K (that's my nickname for it) won't be debuting at E3 however, they're waiting for [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are a thing that we've had access to for quite a while, but limited by deployment and market penetration. Google had NFC chips on phones way before Apple came along with their Apple Pay. We had Google Wallet, and they even had a [...]

Lightweek in Space & Tech: Abbreviated Memorial Day Recap

Just a little less writing in this one guys and gals. Memorial day weekend is upon us, Google's I/O conference has worn off, Apple's WWDC is 2 weeks away. Space X landing on a barge is about to become commonplace. Things are pretty nominal this week. I [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Google I/O Thoughts

Last week, Google held their I/O conference. It's Google's developer get together, akin to Apple's WWDC. The first day of both events are usually reserved for a keynote that highlights a lot of things. Current projects, new software demos, hardware and new products....all of the [...]

Lightweek in Tech: My Smart Home Update

Last summer I took my first steps into making my home smarter with the Nest Thermostat. It was great with Android, granted I had to do some of my own work to make it do as I wished. But with the iPhone, not so much. [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Summer Keynotes

I have to start off talking about Space X's latest launch and successful landing. The Stage 1 rocket landed successfully on the barge after coming down from a higher altitude, faster descent, and experiencing 4x the heat/friction from the atmosphere. Less fuel and only able [...]

Lightweek in Space: Mars Will Have Dragons

Lightweek is changing gears a little bit. It's moving from a bi-weekly column to a weekly spot. I'll have these slated for the same 10am slot, but on Mondays instead of Tuesdays and Fridays. Hopefully it gives news a chance to mature and let the topic marinate [...]

Lightweek in Tech & Space: Lightning Round

With some downtime last week for Lightweek, I missed a few things that happened - here comes another Lightweek Lightning Round. Earlier last week, Canonical released their latest Long-Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus). LTS versions are supported with updates for 5 [...]

Lightweek in Tech: What’s in the Bag, Colin?!

In reality and fantasy, all the great heroes have swords or staves or some magic item they use to do badass things, but they all have another thing in common; bags, their gear setup. They all have some kind of arsenal besides their weapon that, [...]

Lightweek in Space and Tech: Forward Thinking

Friday, SpaceX's Falcon 9 stage 1 from their CRS-8 mission landed successfully on their drone ship, Of Course I Still Love You. It finally happened!! CRS-8 was SpaceX's 8th resupply mission to the ISS. It was their 5th attempt at drone ship landing. The day before, Tesla [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Review – iPad Pro (12.9″)

Doubling up on our effort here, Geof Kirby and I review the iPad Pro 12.9" from 2015. Last year, in the fall of 2015, Apple announced a new iPad, the iPad Pro. A 12.9" behemoth of a tablet. I liked it enough, but I wasn't in the [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Data Caps

Recently, I've been talking about cord cutting. There's one caveat to streaming that most anyone has to deal with: data caps. Most all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) utilize them in a means to keep users that don't bundle services or buy a TV subscription from [...]

Lightweek in Space: Catching Up

Hey Space. Been a little while. Tech's been booming with keynotes and presentations of updates, new products and software to come. Hell, they're bringing bash to Windows. We're here to talk space today....maybe a tiny bit of tech in regards to 3D printing. Early this [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Review – XBox One Elite Controller

I've been fortunate in my adult life to be able to snag a few of the things I think I might enjoy. There's still more that I'd like to get than those that I do buy. Sometimes they're an impulse buy, other times they have [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Cord Cutting Revisit

As with many people my age, I'm a streamer. I don't pay for satellite or cable TV. Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, HBO Now and season passes are my go to means for entertainment. Well, they were. For a few years now, companies like Apple have [...]

Lightweek in Tech: About the Apple Event…

Yesterday, Apple held a keynote to Loop us in. Celebrating their 40th year, and hosting their last event at 1 Infinite Loop - their next keynote will come from their Spaceship (SPACESHIP!). Apple loves to play with emotional responses from their fans. They do it well. They [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Facebook Sponsored Messages – Opting Out

Facebook has started testing a new feature. One that lets businesses send us, users, messages or targeted advertising. I had heard a couple months back that Facebook was looking to start doing this, but that there'd be a couple of restrictions that didn't make me [...]

Lightweek in Tech: What’s in the Bag, Bucky?!

Behold my world-traveled trusty backpack, a North Face Recon I've had since 2005. It's nothing super high-end, but for some reason this thing has withstood everyday use, hiking adventures, and many mission trips to developing countries. It has great storage space, good organization, a waterproof pocket, [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Mobile March Madness

No, we're not talking basketball here. Talking smartphones and mobile OS madness. Two big events going on later this month and the fun has already kicked off. Earlier in another post I talked about Apple's developer preview for iOS9.3 which has been in the public [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Self Help and DIY

"Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?" One thing there is never a shortage of, is people needing help with their smartphone or computers. Either someone has a virus on the family laptop, or typically a ton of adware and malware. [...]

Lightweek in Tech: What’s in the bag, Celia?!

Well, it’s my turn to share what’s in my bag of writing tools. If you’re expecting something super creative and girly, you’re going to be disappointed. I’ve always been more about practical than how cute or cool something looks, and I have a unique situation. [...]

Lightweek in Space: #yearinspace

Unless you've been living under a social media rock for the past year, you'll know that astronaut Scott Kelly has been spending a year in space....almost. 340 days actually. But for all intents and purposes, it's as close to a year that we'll get until [...]

Lightweek in Tech: There’s an App for That

Over the past few years I've had my time with both iOS and Android phones, plus a couple others. There's a few standout apps I've used and refuse to let go of. Sadly, there are a few I've had to give up in switching between [...]

Ligthweek in Space & Tech: So Many Things!

Hey Nrdly readers, Josh is back! Props to Geof for holding down the Lightweek posts last week while I was down with some serious crud. We've got a few things to get caught up on and look forward to this week, so let's get started! [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Back Door Denial

Hey guys! It's Geof, back with another installment of Lightweek. Josh is still feeling like crap, so I'm taking over. There was some very interesting news in the world of tech this week, but arguably the biggest piece had to do with the conversation revolving [...]

Lightweek in Tech: What’s in the bag, Geof?!

Hey guys! Welcome to another edition of  What's in the Bag?!, our bi-weekly look at the daily carries of all our Nrdly staff. It's your fearless leader, Geof, taking over for Josh (who's come down with a case of "teh suck" this week). I'll be running [...]

Lightweek in Space: Gravitational Waves

Yesterday it was announced that gravitational waves had been detected...again? This time the experiment to detect them looks incredibly solid as a method to test the theory of their existence. It's generally agreed upon that they do exist, but so far, we've not had any real [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Facebook, Advertising and Adblock

I've begun to use Facebook less and less over the past few months. Most of my social posts coming from other platforms, pushing from Instagram or Twitter mostly. I find myself feeling like it does less and less for me as a social network. It [...]

Lightweek in Tech: What’s in the bag, Josh?!

"What's in the bag?!" is a new series we're doing in Lightweek. Focusing on the tech, gadgets and whatchamacallits that us here at Nrdly use day to day. Either while we're writing, we're working at our day jobs, or things we carry with us every [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Cord Cutting and Sports

One of the biggest problems with cutting the cord is how to watch sports, namely football. The easiest ways to watch it are simply to pick up a cable or satellite subscription as having one really enhances your ability to stream the games you probably [...]

Lightweek in Space: Per Aspera ad Astra

Per aspera ad astra, or "through hardships to the stars". This collective week and coming days in manned spaceflight for NASA is a difficult and somber one, historically speaking. 30 years ago yesterday (1/28/86) the shuttle Challenger broke apart shortly after liftoff. On February 1, 2003 the shuttle [...]

Lightweek In Tech: Apple Review Medley

Just as the title says, this is a mini review buffet of some satellite Apple/iOS products I've been using lately. Since Christmas I've been accumulating stuff as a single, nerdy male does. Some go out, some stay in and buy gadgets. Gadgets are cheaper and generally less of [...]

Lightweek in Space: Finding Sea Legs

Sunday SpaceX launched amidst a heavy west coast fog. You couldn't really see the rocket in the launch cameras. Nothing really until it got higher in altitude anyways. They launched the JASON-3 satellite. Sent into a polar orbit, its mission is to survey ocean heights. [...]

Lightweek in Space: But Why?

"Why space? What's so great about it all? A bunch of stars, some dust...meh." If you asked me, straight up, why I like space, I'd probably start laughing and say something sarcastic because I mean, have you seen space? Seriously. It's freaking incredible. It's vast. It's infinite. [...]

Lightweek in Tech: iOS Betas!

Today Apple released some new iOS updates to their developer beta channel. iPhones, Watches, AppleTVs, CarPlay...they all get some love here. We'll take a look at all of them here. First up: iOS 9.3 for iPhone. The big feature update is the addition of Night [...]

Lightweek in Tech: A Smarter Home

CES will be winding down today, but the big take away is smarter gadgets and tech for your home. Ceiling fans that fold into Apple's HomeKit or Google's Weave and Brillo systems. A new WiFi standard built to use less energy and send less data [...]

Lightweek in Everything: A Look Back & Forwards

With the holidays fully behind us, we can get back to delivering y'all the Nrdly goodness you've enjoyed in 2015. This being the first week of a month, I'd try to do a Heads Up post, but I'm taking the opportunity to try and look [...]

Lightweek Gift Guide: The Droids You’re Looking For

As I type this, the Kirby's are enjoying The Force Awakens. Christmas is a week away, and while it may be a little too late for anyone to snag these gifts for you - you might be able to get them for yourself. Treat yourself. If you're needing [...]

Lightweek in Space: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

I was having lunch with my dad today, and we were talking about Episode VII and how I would love for my friends in social media to keep it spoiler free for a few days at least. Never have I been so excited and anxious [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Holiday Gift Guide 3.0

Hey guys and gals, it's time for our third gift guide. If you need to see what I mentioned previously, here's the first and second guides. It's getting down to the wire - I'm only doing one more guide after this one. Let's go! Under $100 [...]

Lightweek in Space: Venus Occultation

I write these the day before they're published so I was still in November's mindset when I wrote last Tuesday's post. Should've been a head's up post and not a regular Lightweek. My apologies, because unless you're in the know already, you missed this morning's [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Happy Festivus From the Rest of Us

It's round two of our holiday gift guides! If you missed the first round, check it out. Last weekend was Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there's still time for some shopping to be done for the geeky folk in your life. Under $100 Do [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Asus C201 Chromebook Review

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and maybe scored some good deals this weekend.  While I didn't do any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, I did order a new Chromebook. The Asus C201. And while we haven't gotten to do any real attempts at reviews [...]

Lightweek in Space & Tech: Superfish, by Dell

Doing a combo of space and tech these next few Tuesday Lightweeks until the Christmas posts have had their run. Let's kick it off with Dell. This morning on Reddit, user rotorcowboy discovered that newer Dell XPS (and now Inspiron) laptops ship with a self-signed [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Winter Solstice

Starting with Lightweek, all of our writers here at Nrdly are focusing on some Christmas list ideas for you guys and gals that might need some suggestions. We'll talk up some of our favorite things we have, or want. So much want. So be sure [...]

Lightweek in Space & Tech – Pulsars and Pushbullet

Last week, the Fermi Satellite detected a Gamma-ray pulsar, which isn't unusual as that's one of its functions. However, this was the first time we observed a Gamma-ray pulsar from beyond our own galaxy. This one came from the Large Magellanic Cloud, about 163,000 lightyears away [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Compact Edition

Prefacing this Lightweek by saying I'm out of town right now and haven't been able to keep up with everything going on in technology this week. With that and how busy I've been prepping for this week, this Lightweek will be a little shorter than [...]

Lightweek In Space: Atmosphere on Mars and UFOs

Last week NASA and their MAVEN team announced some Mars news regarding its atmosphere. It pretty much confirmed what we already theorized. That Mars was losing atmosphere due to solar wind, and it's happening because Mars has no electromagnetic field protecting it like we have [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Cutting The Cord

For many people, especially people around my age and younger, paying $100+ for a TV package is a burden that outweighs the product paid for. Sure, you can DVR things until you want to watch them, or you can opt for a different kind of [...]

Lightweek In Space: Head’s Up! November, Plus the ISS!

Unfortunately, November isn't quite as feature filled as October was. Only two really noteworthy events, but they're both meteor showers. Hopefully, the weather will play nice, and the Moon can be a factor during parts of these shower peaks. Fortunately, NASA is celebrating 15 years of [...]

RIP ChromeOS? Say It Isn’t So!

Yesterday, word got out that Google was ending ChromeOS as it was and will be looking to merge it with Android, but there's new info (rumored) out this morning stating that ChromeOS isn't going anywhere, but Android will move onto laptops. If the former is [...]

Lightweek In Space: Cassini Takes a Dive

This is an especially exciting week in space. We're sending the Cassini spacecraft into Saturn's moon Enceladus' water plume on the 28th. That sounds weird, I know, but some moons have volcanic activity, and some of those moons are covered in water or more specifically, [...]

Lightweek in Everything

These past few days have offered me many topics to write about so I'm going to try and touch on as many as I can. Lightning Round Lightweek! First up, tech stuff. Canonical, the company behind the popular Linux distribution "Ubuntu" (and more) released v15.10, [...]

Good Guy….Facebook? Security and More

Kicking off the day in my news feed was an article about Facebook looking to start warning users about unusual account activity. It's meant to warn you about an attempt at breaching your account, but not like someone guessing your password, phishing your info or [...]

Speculate Skeptically

Man, this week has been all about space. Nothing against technology, and I'm in no way complaining. Space is infinite and the possibilities for discovery are endless. We'll get back to tech and the scheduled programming next week - I get excited about space stuff as easy [...]

Get The Hell To Mars! A How-To

NASA wants to put humans on Mars, but there's a lot of hurdles in the way. This week NASA detailed its plan for overcoming some of them. First is Earth Reliance, starting with work currently being done on board the International Space Station. The ISS [...]

Microsoft Surfaces Again

Earlier this week, Microsoft held an event where it debuted new hardware. For the past couple years since the release of Windows 8.0, the Microsoft Surface was the only real piece of hardware they dabbled with. A pseudo laptop with a detachable keyboard, with Windows [...]

Lightweek in Space: Heads up! October

First Tuesdays of a month will be "Heads up!" posts. Basically, I'm going to tell you some cool things happening this month so you can put them on your calendar and give them a look. With fall ramping up and winter on its way for [...]


I remember when photos rendered in browsers like Netscape. iMacs that were huge neon bubbles. Windows XP's rolling green hill. Dial-up modems playing the song of their people. AOL discs everywhere. When you knew what skip protection was. Then along came the iPod, and faster [...]

Lightweek in Space

It’s a good time to talk about space. Let’s be real, it’s always a good time to talk about space. We had a few big things happen this week! A completion of a tetrad with a total lunar eclipse at perigee, or...Supermoon. There, I said [...]