Press Start: Destiny’s Festival of The Lost Returns!

Spoooooky Ghosts! No literally, our ghosts get to dress up this year too. It’s both adorable and amazing. Another year and another Festival of the Lost is upon us. Festival of the Lost is Destiny’s event for Halloween. Bungie’s improved upon what was a very [...]

Press Start: Nintendo Switch Announcement

Yesterday morning Nintendo released some info on their newest console. The Nintendo Switch. It had been known as its code name, the NX. The Switch at first glance looks to be a grown up version of the Wii U. Nintendo gave us a trailer, see [...]

An Addict’s Review of “Rise of Iron”

Here we are again, Guardians. After several months of playing other games after we gobbled up every bit of content in the April update within a week, we are all back again in the Tower, in Crucible, and this time with a brand new (Gigantic) [...]

The PlayStation 4 Pro Creates More Problems Than it Solves

And there we have it, folks. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim models have officially been announced. The interim models of the Sony and Microsoft consoles are both about to be released into the world, but do we really need them at this point in [...]

Xbox One Slim First Look

  Hey everyone, I finally got my hands on the new Xbox One Slim and wanted to give you my first thoughts. Initially, one can tell right away it’s gorgeous, at least in my opinion. I love the modern white finish with black accents on [...]

You Are Not Prepared…NRDLY Presents: LEGION

  WELCOME BACK, LADIES AND GENTLENERDS! Chris here, been a while. I missed all of your fake glasses wearing faces. Sorry to be on such a long hiatus but I’m sure no one noticed due to the awesome other Nrds on board at the Nrdly [...]

Press Start: No Man’s Sky – Josh’s Journey #1

My ship repaired and in need of a hyperdrive, I tracked down an outpost where I was given a blueprint. I still needed the resources to finish it, but that was no problem. The planet and system I was in was rich in resources. Fuel [...]

Overwatch: My New Addiction!

Mike from Dragon-fall here.  It is no secret that if I am to play a video game, 99% of the time it will be a First Person Shooter.  We have them all at the house.  Halo, Destiny, All the CoD, Battlefield, and Star Wars shooters.  [...]

Sony’s Playstation VR Will Be Out In October!

As announced yesterday, Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality device will be $400 and out this October. At $200 less than the competing Oculus Rift which launches later this month, this is a huge announcement. In comparison with the Rift, Sony's device works directly with the [...]

Overwatch closed beta is back and Chris is a sad panda..

GUYS, I am in such a conflict of emotion right now. I just saw Deadpool two times this weekend and it’s amazing and makes me the happiest man on the planet, but…. Overwatch is back and I didn’t get beta access…. The feels… It’s like [...]

Big Plans for Destiny!

Destiny has always been an interesting beast. It's a game that, since first announced, I expected to change the way we see multiplayer games on consoles. What was supposed to be a truly original story and storytelling experience, coupled with deep character progression and MMO mechanics [...]

New Warhammer 40K Mega

Mike from Dragon-Fall, here.  In this article I outline some of the coming soon items onto the tabletop scene. 40K Mega releases- GW is releasing a new army supplement for Warhammer 40K: Lots of expectations for the new Space Wolves. As with some of the [...]

Breath of Fire III Coming To PSN

JRPG fans get pumped...or maybe mildly enthused. The 3rd installment of the classic BOF franchise is coming to the US, albeit digitally, and only for PSP, Vita and Playstation TV. While not having the clout or pedigree of, say, Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, BOF [...]

Xbox Chief Vows Console Is Key

In the battle for next gen console supremacy, everyone knows PS4 has trounced X1 in overall sales. And, friendly feud Colin and I have going aside, they are of course, both great systems. But head of Xbox One Phil Spencer hasn't surrendered just yet. As [...]

Oculus Rift Pre-Sale, $600 Is Just The Start

Happy New Year Nrdly-ites, Layne here and I've missed you. Many of you know I am also a musician and let me just say, this past holiday season was an absolute cracker gig-wise. But, now I'm back and on the prowl for the latest and [...]

Blizzard has done it again. Enter, Overwatch.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I GOT OVERWATCH BETA AND ITS AMAZING! You know who it is Nrds, Chris is coming at you with some Overwatch nonsense. First of all sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been moving and extremely busy with work for “The Man” [...]

NRDLY Weekly Update #5

What's up, guys! I'm back and rested from a great holiday break, but I am ready to give you the run down once more. We're getting into the thick of the big winter premieres. From Krampus to Star Wars, this month is going to be [...]

(UPDATED!) Konami officially hates Hideo Kojima

UPDATE 12/15: Word has finally reached the public that Hideo Kojima has finally left Konami Studios, formed his own studio and is now in talks with Sony Entertainment. Well, that was fast! The break wasn't exactly clean, as Konami is now one of the least liked [...]

Retrospective: My Love For “Sly Cooper” Part 2

Tyler here! I’m back with the second part of my Sly Cooper Review. We left off with Bentley crippled and Murray gone. So to do more of a review and not so much going through the story, let’s recap the past two games. Gameplay-wise, the [...]

Weeping Mannequins in Black Ops 3

So, I'm working hard on my Black Ops 3 review along with Fallout, and in the meantime I figured I'd put a couple of small things out there. I've been playing multiplayer extensively, and with the Nuk3town map in the chaos moshpit playlist, I've successfully kept a high [...]

AltspaceVR Announces online D&D Portal

One of the most visible online services out right now for virtual reality, AltspaceVR, has announced a new Dungeons and Dragons portal that looks pretty slick. Aspiring DMs can create an account, load their 'battlegrid,' manage character sheets and either find a party needing an [...]

Real Life Tekken Moves!

Word on the street is that another Tekken movie may be in development soon. So stuntman Eric Jacobus took it upon himself to meticulously recreate full move sets from character Lei Wulong from the legendary martial arts fighting franchise. It looks amazing...and exhausting! You can [...]

All Aboard the Poop Train: Tales from the Borderlands

Hey guys! So here at NRDLY, we all have our general area of expertise, mine being movies, but we all love everything nrdy, and today I’m here to bring you guys a review of Tales from the Borderlands. During GMX, the guys told me about [...]

Patch 2.4.0 Out Now For Diablo III!

Well, Blizzard is still breathing new life into a game that has been out since 2013 and, in my opinion, doing a great job at it. Patch 2.4.0 for the epic hack n slash - slash - action rpg is a self-described 'monstrous patch' full [...]

PS Vita Dragon Quest/Minecraft Mash-Up?

Anyone that knows me as a gamer knows my first foray into JRPGs was the original Dragon Quest series on NES, known here in the U.S. as Dragon Warrior. I can't stress enough that this franchise paved the way for my deep love of RPGs [...]

BlizzCon 2015 Opens Today!

Blizzard Entertainment is all a-bluzz (that was on purpose) as BlizzCon 2015 starts today in Anaheim, CA. Bill Murphy over at is blogging throughout the weekend and you can check out his take on Day 0 as well as follow him all weekend here. [...]

Mass Effect Surprises for N7 Day?

Bioware has hinted at something new for Mass Effect fans for N7 Day coming up Nov 7th. Now, they say it's not about Andromeda, but any news is good news if you love the franchise, right? Supposedly 'they're some surprises that we're sure you'll enjoy.' [...]

Holiday Shopping: Epic Loot Required!

We know it's early, but we're getting a head start on our Nrdly Holiday Shopping Guide. Chris brings us the first installment for the PC/console gamers in your life. What’s up everyone, it’s your dude Chris here about to come at you with some sweet [...]

$299 PS4 With Free Game at Sam’s Club Nov 14!

Not to be outdone by MS's Black Friday Xbox One deal, Sony is releasing limited quantities of PS4s at Sam's Clubs for $299 plus a free game on November 14th only, user Ribbercage over at Cheap Ass Gamer revealed via a leaked flyer. Whether the [...]

Nrdly Blood Week: My Favorite Horror Video Games

In this world, we have an overload in the video game industry. It seems as though every three months there's a new genre obsession. MMOs, horror, first-person shooters, survival horror, the list goes on. With the popularity and strength of Steam on computers, almost anyone [...]

‘My Avatar Friend,’ Nintendo’s First Smart Phone Offering

As promised, Nintendo has unveiled details for their first game app for smart phones entitled 'Miitomo,' a hybrid of the name for customize-able player avatars used with the Wii and Wii U console systems and the Japanese word 'tomo' meaning 'friend.' At first, I was [...]

Nintendo Enters Smartphone Game App Market…FINALLY

Even with slumping sales over the course of the last several years, Nintendo, at one time the darling of the video game world, refused to enter the smartphone game. For what reason, no one knows. Maybe they were like music industry moguls in the 80s [...]

Destiny Player Solos Crota With Rockband Drum kit. Watch It.

As you all should know by now, the gaming community as a whole plays host to some fantastic characters. Destiny in particular, has some of the craziest antics of the last few years. Throwing Atheon off a cliff, surfing on a speeder bike with headshotting an enemy on [...]

NRDLY Blood Week: Bungie Brought Halloween Spirit To Destiny!

So, if you've logged into Destiny the last two days, you (hopefully) have noticed the "Festival of the Lost" event taking place in the Tower. A wonderful Halloween themed event that Bungie has thrust upon us, it goes for two weeks starting 10/26. So log on, choose [...]

“Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” Comes Out Swinging!

So, it's that time of year again. Assassin's Creed is upon us, gracing us with its presence, and I couldn't be happier. One of my all-time favorite video game franchises (I have the Assassins symbol tattooed on my arm, I'm hopeless) has been down on its luck [...]

Engadget Review: Xbox One Elite Controller

I have to admit, when I first received my One last year I was less than impressed with the stock controller. It felt less solid than its older, supposedly less-advanced brother from the 360. Not that it was cheap, it just didn't have the heft [...]

Xbox One Bundle $299.99 Black Friday Deal has spilled that Dell will be offering an amazing Black Friday deal on the 500GB Xbox One core system with full Gears of War download and Fallout 4 (hard copy) as well as an extra controller.  Those wanting to get into the latest gen [...]

From 0 to 70 in 66 Secs.

I grabbed Diablo III when it first came out for Xbox 360 a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely, building a Monk to level 60ish. Then the Reaper Of Souls DLC came out and gave it even more shelf life. I've really loved a [...]

Overwatch’s Beta Finally Starts on the 27th! Thank You Blizzard

Finally, we're getting some news on Blizzard's brand new team-based shooter/Pixar FPS, Overwatch. It was announced today that it's actually entering into a public beta test on October 27th for PC, and Blizzard said it will admit a "small number of testers" into a closed [...]

Stephen Colbert had THE greatest musical guest…..EVER.

On last night's The Late Show Stephen Colbert flexed his geek muscle and had the greatest musical guest in the history of late night television. Yes. The Zelda Orchestra performed. I mean...incredible, right?! The Zelda Orchestra is currently touring around the country, spreading geeky musical joy [...]

Retrospective: My Love For “Sly Cooper” Part 1

What’s up guys! It’s Tyler. I am here to bring you a review on a game that started all of this. It started my passion for games and movies. When I was 4, my parents bought me “Sly Cooper: The Thievius Raccoonus”, and it was [...]

Thorn Is Dead! (Or This Week In Destiny)

So with the release of The Taken King, Bungie seems to have almost rebranded their "shared-world shooter"/RPG completely. Obviously the weekly grind still remains, but gone are the days of intense grinding with your friends that made you question why you still play the game, before [...]

Star Wars X-Wing: The Force Awakens First Look

Hey everyone, so I ordered the new The Force Awakens version (1) X-Wing and (2) TIE Fighter core set for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and they just came in. Perfect timing for Star Wars Week. Thought you might like to take a look. Can't [...]

Nolanbot Is The Companion Us Guardians Have Always Needed

When Destiny first released back in September 2014, people had their concerns and definitely made them known. From the strange leveling system to the MMO grind that console players are clearly NOT used to, Bungie had a few changes to make. One I feel, however, was never [...]

The Vita is Dead, Long Live Vita

I’ve not made it any secret around Nrdly that I’m the resident PS Vita guy. I love my little “Pocket PS3”, and while I struggle to find time (sometimes) to play, some of my favorite games can be had on the system. I know what [...]

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Begins October 8th!

Origin players on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to get a taste of both the Rebel and Imperial side of all things galactic combat when EA launches the technical Beta October 8-12 in the run up to the [...]

Board Game Review: Talisman

I’m going to be trying out a new zombie survival game tonight with some friends called Dead Panic! and hope to do a review of that soon. I have also purchased but have yet to play Eldritch Horror and I’m hoping maybe Geof, Colin and [...]

I’ve Always Wanted A Game Like Destiny, Part 1: The Beginning

Look, I'll keep this short and sweet, I'm addicted to Destiny. Well, okay, maybe 'addicted' isn't the right word, I have a strong connection with it. The MMO grinding, alien shooting, Ghost scanning scifi/fantasy roleplaying game has caught me up in a way that no [...]


Today's Playstation event at the Tokyo Game Show just dropped some epic Vita related news. As a self-proclaimed Vita apologist, this excites me to no end. Here's a short collection of what I'm MOST stoked for.             I don't think [...]

Bioware Enlists LootCrate for ME Special

Mass Effect fans rejoice! Subscription surprise boxes are all the rage and now you can sign up to get your Bioware limited edition N7 lootcrate full-up with rare and exclusive collectibles. Go here to receive more information on details and release date. Visit for [...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Trespasser’ DLC Out Now

New DLC is now available for Bioware's expansive RPG world in Dragon Age: Inquisition and only for latest gen consoles (360 and PS3, you're out of luck). Set two years after the events of Inquisition, Trespasser is an entirely new campaign, unlike most DLC which [...]

Sparrow Racing Patrol Missions Are New In 2.0!

The Destiny 2.0 update that is the base for the new The Taken King expansion dropped today, and brought some much needed and beloved changes. From the questing system, to sword forging, to much needed Crucible weapon nerfs, it seems that Bungie has not only learned from their mistakes [...]

Praise To Melitele, Physical Gwent Decks Are Coming!!

CD Projekt Red has announced today that the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release next month on both PS4 and Xbox One. The pack will also come with a limited edition boxed release at specific retailers that will come [...]

Hyper Realistic Hyrule? YES PLEASE!!!

Everyone loves Ocarina of Time. If you don't, you're not human. It was one of the most influential games of all time and set the standard for RPG's from that point forward. It was the one game that launched my deep passion for gaming. All that [...]

Hold On To Your Butts. “Battlefront” Is Getting A Beta.

Well, we all wanted it. DICE announced today that we're getting a Battlefront beta playable this October. Here's the official statement from DICE below for those of you who don't like links. "Coming early October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC, the Star [...]

Check out the opening to Halo 5: Guardians

The Microsoft corner of the internet exploded this morning when the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians showed up on Youtube. Behold....the glory.   Let's give a rundown here: Epic Spartan battle action Crazy battle between Forerunner and Covenant forces FRAKKIN NATHAN FILLION!!!!!! recap: [...]

New Xbox One ELITE bundle drops in November

Around here at Nrdly, we're Sony fans. I've got a Vita, Colin has his PS4, and beside Nintendo, and a brief stint with 1st gen Xbox, we've always been Playstation people. This new bundle from Microsoft, though, is seriously tempting me for my next home [...]

The Launch Trailer For “The Taken King” Is Cinematic Goodness

The brand new expansion for Bungie's "shared world shooter" Destiny, titled The Taken King, is less than two weeks away. TWO WEEKS. That means two weeks until brand new strikes and gear (Swords!), two weeks to an overhauled questing system, and two weeks until doubled vault space!! [...]

Worst video game ever made sells for over $100k

After 34 days of development in 1982, "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" was released to critical horror. It was the worst game ever made (if you don't believe me....go find a youtube clip. I've played's me...), and promptly it was shunned and pulled from the [...]

Diablo fans REJOICE! Patch 2.3.0 is LIVE!

With patch 2.3.0 dropping today, a lot of Diablo 3 fans are ready to get back in and start the old grind all over again. I, myself, am super stoked about all the new changes with the patch right before season 4 starts on August [...]

The Demise of Four Player Split Screen

With the imminent arrival of Halo 5: Guardians and Star Wars: Battlefront, the pink gaming elephant in the room, at least for me, has once again raised his ugly head. Why have seemingly all the latest gen consoles moved away from four player split screen [...]

We Get Our First Glimpse Of The Battle Of Jakku!

  We are proud to give you a first visual glimpse of The Battle of Jakku, coming to Star Wars Battlefront on December 1st, 2015, for all who pre-order, and a week later for all other game holders. The Battle of Jakku was the pivotal moment when [...]

(UPDATED) “Sword Coast Legends” Is The D&D Video Game You’ve Always Wanted

UPDATE: Sword Coast Legends has officially been delayed until October 6th for PC and Mac releases, and Q1 2016 for console release. If you play modern RPGs like Diablo, World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls, or even older games like Baldur's Gate, you owe all those hours [...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s creator wishes people would figure it out

If you're into horror games, you know about Five Nights at Freddy's. This year the games designer/creator/master of terror, Scott Cawthon, released FNaF4, one of the BEST games in the series. In an update on Steam, however, he addressed the storyline of his latest masterpiece: [...]

Classic Game Rewind: Shadows of the Empire

With everyone all a-buzz these days about all things The Force Awakens, it got me thinking about one of my favorite games on the old N64 system, Shadows of the Empire. This Lucas Arts title was actually released barely four months into the new console’s [...]

“Until Dawn” Will Play You As Much As You Play It

This is an interesting time for the video game industry. With the innovation of technology in recent times, the lines between cinema and video games have blurred quite a bit. One of the studios at the forefront of this movement is Supermassive Games, with their [...]

WAIT…Is Destiny Getting Swords?! ANSWERED: YES.

So if you're a fan of Destiny, hopefully you were watching the livestream from Bungie's Twitch page in which DeeJ and couple of other Bungie faithfuls walked us through some of the changes The Taken King will bring to Destiny. A lot of news is coming out of [...]

“Diablo 3” and “Elder Scrolls” Mixed? YES.

Here at Nrdly we absolute love independent, creative, and unique pieces of art. From books and movies, to video games and comics, if you have a dream, chase it! One of my absolute favorite indie game projects in the works is one titled Umbra. Umbra is an [...]

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey will be PREMIUM in US & Europe

Indie studio Kobojo and some Final Fantasy creators have a SWEET iOS game coming out called Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey (announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show), and it looks like a harkening back to the Final Fantasy we all grew up on. I, for one, [...]

Is Super Meat Boy FINALLY getting a sequel?!

Did you ever have a chance to play the SUPER AMAZINGNESS that was Super Meat Boy? No?? Okay...go play it. We'll wait. ...   ....   .....   .......   Done? Good. You want a sequel now, right? Well...for the longest time, the guys over [...]

“Horizon: Zero Dawn”, The Best Robot Dinosaur Hunting Game Ever

Sony had some pretty freaking sweet cards up their sleeves this year at E3. Things like Playstation Vue, the new Call of Duty deal , No Man's Sky, THE LAST GUARDIAN. But one little announcement struck me more than almost any other, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Coming in [...]

New “Hearthstone” Expansion Looks Freaking Sweet

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament launches in August, brings 132 new cards to the insanely popular free-to-play card game. The Grand Tournament card packs are currently available for pre-purchase, and you can grab 50 for $1 each, thereby unlocking a new card back. The expansion is all about [...]

Destiny “Elder Cipher” Weapons Reviewed

Destiny is an interesting beast. Bungie's latest space fantasy IP released in September 2014 to mixed reviews and mixed player reactions, but for some reason, no one seems to be able to put it down! I've logged over 1,200 hours on the game since release [...]

Back to the Future Monopoly. Nuff Said.

This post really doesn't need anything said. It's Monopoly...Back to the Future style. You can preorder it now from your local games/comic shop. For now...bask in the glory of our gallery below. Source  

“The Taken King” Prologue Trailer. All Kinds of Goodness.

Not going to say much, but this trailer is looking freaking sweet. Thanks Eris Morn for actually doing something finally!

“World of Warcraft: Legion” Officially Announced. Yup.

The Burning Legion is back in the next expansion for World of Warcraft, which will raise the level cap to 110 and add a new hero class, Demon Hunter, to the long running MMO. It’s called Legion. That's right. Our favorite Burning Legion returns for the [...]

Battlefront Reveals Squadron Multiplayer

So we're all excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we here at Nrdly. all love video games. The two of these together creates something just as exciting: Star Wars: Battlefront. Since 2005's sequel, we've all been waiting very impatiently for a return to [...]

Destiny “We Are Guardians” Trailer Features Nolan North As Ghost

As you all know, Nolan North is replacing the much maligned Peter Dinklage as the voice of our beloved Ghosts in Bungie's hit shared world shooter Destiny. He'll not only be replacing Dinklebot in the new expansion, but North is also re-recording all of his lines in [...]

41 Amazing Things About No Man’s Sky

Hey guy! Colin here with some news about possibly my most anticipated game of the year, (Now that The Witcher has released, finally.) No Man's Sky is a brilliant, simple video game about the exploration of the universe. You can fly in space, mine, trade, explore, and [...]

Ronda Rousey loves….Pokemon?!

If you haven't heard by now, Ronda Rousey is, according to Sports Illustrated, "The Most Dominant Athlete Alive". She's also a HUGE Pokemon nerd. Speaking to MMA Fighting on Youtube, she describes her love for the long-running series, where it began, her first card and [...]

Playstation Plus Subscribers Can Pick Free Games!

PlayStation Plus members will soon have a bit of control over which PlayStation 4 games will be given away for free as part of their subscription to the service, thanks to Sony's new Vote to Play initiative. This will let subscribers vote on apparently "several" [...]

Freaking Sweet “Destiny” Figure Coming THIS WEEK!

So....we've all been wanting a series of Destiny figures, right? Right. Finally, the Gods have listened! We are finally getting the Destiny collector's item we've always wanted, along with weapons and armor we DON'T have to grind Vault of Glass 10 straight months for, here's [...]

Need a refresher before Kingdom Hearts 3? last month we got a SWEET look at Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. ICYMI, we've posted the video below. Watch that, then catch up with us after: Okay...looks pretty sweet right? Like...HOLY BAWLS it looks amazing! I'm foaming at the mouth in anticipation for this. [...]

Del Toro and Kojima Still Have Plans…

So apparently, in the post-Silent Hills world we live in, Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima are still pals, and still want to make stuff. I mean...that's the best news since Pacific Rim 2 and the possibility of Hellboy 3. As you all remember, P.T., [...]

“Rise Of The Tomb Raider” Coming To PC And PS4 In 2016. Because, Of Course.

Hey guys! Colin here with some awesome news, Square Enix has announced that their new Xbox One exclusive title, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will be coming to the PC and PS4 in "Holiday 2016", because that's not ambiguous enough. Either way, all of us on [...]

Arkham Knight: The Sparks Review

After playing Arkham Knight I was almost sad it was the last in the series. After 4 games they finally got almost everything right making in my opinion the best one yet. Coupled with the familiar controls, fighting styles, and gadgets was the Batmobile and [...]

After Over 10 Years, Knights Of The Old Republic II Gets A Massive Update!

Question: Did you guys ever play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on PC and original Xbox when it released back in like 2002? If you're cool, your answer is yes. If not, well, you suck. The fantastic RPG set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe [...]

It’s MOBA time ladies and gents! N00b Style!

Whats going on everyone? Lets start off with some introduction. I'm Chris, one of the biggest smart-asses you'll ever meet and one of the new contributors to the Nrdly family, and I gotta say I'm pumped to be here! For my first topic of discussion [...]

Spartan Games is now shipping Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach

Spartan Games (no relation to the Halo franchise, coincidentally) is now shipping their new tabletop game with a mouthful of a name, Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach. Putting you at the center of the most pivotal naval battle in the fight against the [...]

Bioshock Infinite Actors Warm Your Heart

So, if you're like me, you absolutely love games that are layered. Games that have a surface plot line and great characters with twists and turns, but the truly great games have something more. When I finished Irrational Games' third installment of the Bioshock series for [...]

How to play: Dating Sims

Polygon has a pretty great article for all of us on the creepy side of gaming on how to play and understand dating sims. For those not in the know, dating sims are HUGELY popular in Japan, with virtually every single console of the last [...]

Dungeons And….No Dragons?

Hey guys! Colin here with something interesting.... We all love indie games here at Nrdly. and we love unique RPGs, and we especially love when the two come together. Quite honestly, no game has me more excited for the coming months than "Kingdom Come: Deliverance". [...]

“Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” Channels Your Victorian Gangster Fantasies

Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" franchise is polarizing. You either love the series and buy every new game, or you believe it's all a big money grab and dedicate your life to trolling sites like Kotaku or IGN whenever you see an AC related news piece. You [...]

Auri-El be praised! ESO finally gets a DLC pack!!

Damn Nords, it's about time! "The Elder Scrolls Online", Zenimax Online Studios' first (And obviously most successful title), FINALLY gets a DLC pack after almost a year and a half, a console release, and a complete reworking of the end-game leveling system after death threats [...]

Pixelated masterpiece gets Windows 10 beta

In addition to the INCREDIBLE Hololens version, Minecraft has now gotten a Windows 10 beta. Sounds like it's merging some of the Pocket Edition features with some cool new stuff. Check out all the info at Xbox Wire.   GET IN THAT DAMN CART, PIG!

Goat Simulator blowing stuff up on PS4/PS3

Everyone's favorite "physics-be-damned" game featuring asshole goats is FINALLY coming to everyone's favorite next ten/past gen consoles. Starting August 11, you can become a goat, and break stuff. It's pretty much he greatest thing ever. Check out more over on the Official Playstation Blog.