Sit Down with Cary Polkovitz

One of the cool things about working at Nrdly is the time we get to spend talking with some really cool people. I've spoken to people from Star Wars, famous game designers, and now...I can add an awesome comic artist to the list. I got [...]

Interview: Nilah Magruder from M.F.K.

I'm a big fan of indie comics. I PREFER indie comics to mainstream (even though I respect them), and webcomics is a world I'm slowly growing into. I'm always on the lookout for new material to devour, and one day I came across M.F.K. (you [...]

Collector’s Corner: Star Trek ships

Over here at Nrdly. we're unabashed Star Wars fans, but we fully realize that maybe some of you love that 'galaxy far, far away' AND 'where no man has gone before.' And dare I say it, maybe you like it MORE. That's ok (not really, [...]

Interview: Corey Mann, Artiste Extraordinaire

For millennia, mankind has had a fascination with art. It seems like it's ingrained in our souls, the want and desire to take a type of instrument and recreate what we see, think, and feel on paper (or some other material). This week I had [...]