Xbox One Slim First Look

  Hey everyone, I finally got my hands on the new Xbox One Slim and wanted to give you my first thoughts. Initially, one can tell right away it’s gorgeous, at least in my opinion. I love the modern white finish with black accents on [...]

Daredevil: Stop the Foggy Hate!

  Last week the second season of DareDevil launched on Netflix.  This you probably already know. What is amazing to me is that all of the media pundits have chimed in.  Most have summed up the season with the following critique: Incredible Martial Arts/ Stunt [...]

Holonet Buzzfeed: Disney’s Star Wars Land

Holonet Buzzfeed is a brand new segment here at Nrdly, that focuses on all the latest news and facts coming straight from the Galactic Holonet.  If you are like us, we love to keep up with the newest and juiciest details going on in the [...]

Sit Down with Cary Polkovitz

One of the cool things about working at Nrdly is the time we get to spend talking with some really cool people. I've spoken to people from Star Wars, famous game designers, and now...I can add an awesome comic artist to the list. I got [...]

Jedi Artifacts: The Black Series Trooper 4 Pack

The newest artifact to be submitted into the archives (a.k.a my action figure shelf) comes to us from Hasbro's Black Series Line.  Now, you all should be very aware that the 6inch Black Series line is definitely my favorite action figure line to collect.  I [...]

Sony’s Playstation VR Will Be Out In October!

As announced yesterday, Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality device will be $400 and out this October. At $200 less than the competing Oculus Rift which launches later this month, this is a huge announcement. In comparison with the Rift, Sony's device works directly with the [...]

Holonet Buzzfeed + Beyond The Stars: In Memory of Tony Dyson

In this segment of Holonet Buzzfeed, we are burdened to say, that a great addition to the original Star Wars team has become one with the force.  Tony Dyson, the man responsible for bringing one of the most sassy and loyal companions in film history [...]

OK, Let’s DC THIS!

Because I’ve been a rabid Superman and Batman fan for as long as I can remember, I’ve always followed DC Comics more closely than Marvel even though I love characters and stories from both. So it feels weird to say I haven’t been excited about [...]

Holonet Buzzfeed: Darth Maul Apprentice Fan Film

If we know anything about Star Wars fans, it's that they sure can be creative when it comes to imitating or recreating the saga.  Wether it's in costume form or through fan films, fans dedicate their time and effort to create amazing love notes to Star Wars.  While [...]

Colony: Does Not Suck!

  No mystery:  I am a huge Sci-Fi fan and want to give every new show in the genre a fair shake. USA's Colony- while a rocky start and a "meh" is now a solid program that I look forward to every week. The show [...]

New Warhammer 40K Mega

Mike from Dragon-Fall, here.  In this article I outline some of the coming soon items onto the tabletop scene. 40K Mega releases- GW is releasing a new army supplement for Warhammer 40K: Lots of expectations for the new Space Wolves. As with some of the [...]

Supergirl fights for her real family

Family is complicated. Even if you love your family and have a good relationship with them, there are times when it can still be a complex situation. The latest episode of Supergirl – For the Girl Who Has Everything – gives new light to these [...]

Jedi Artifacts: Asajj Ventress and Pre Vizsla

By this point you have now realized that everyone here at Nrdly is an uber geek.  Many of these uber geeks have massive collections of goods that they have collected from their favorite universes.  Jedi Artifacts is a new Nrdly segment where we get to [...]

The Shannara Chronicles, Tolkien Lite or Arborlon 90210?

Fantasy’s hot right now. I get it. Everyone wants their piece of the pie. With HBO's Game of Thrones garnering their highest ratings of all time, any network would love to jump on the bandwagon. So let me get this out of the way. I [...]

Breath of Fire III Coming To PSN

JRPG fans get pumped...or maybe mildly enthused. The 3rd installment of the classic BOF franchise is coming to the US, albeit digitally, and only for PSP, Vita and Playstation TV. While not having the clout or pedigree of, say, Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, BOF [...]

Footage released of the new Wonder Woman movie

I’ve been nervous about the new Wonder Woman movie since I heard about it. I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan and have avidly followed the character since I first saw Lynda Carter in the Wonder Woman television show from the 1970s. People have tried unsuccessfully [...]

Filming on “Assassin’s Creed” Has Wrapped!

Filming has finished ahead of Ubisoft's release of Assassin's Creed in December of this year. The head of content Azaïzia Aymar posted a photo on Twitter confirming that the last shot was taken on January 15. We still have a long road ahead of us [...]

Xbox Chief Vows Console Is Key

In the battle for next gen console supremacy, everyone knows PS4 has trounced X1 in overall sales. And, friendly feud Colin and I have going aside, they are of course, both great systems. But head of Xbox One Phil Spencer hasn't surrendered just yet. As [...]

Oculus Rift Pre-Sale, $600 Is Just The Start

Happy New Year Nrdly-ites, Layne here and I've missed you. Many of you know I am also a musician and let me just say, this past holiday season was an absolute cracker gig-wise. But, now I'm back and on the prowl for the latest and [...]

If you’re not watching “The Expanse” you’re missing out

In a fit of boredom this weekend, I scrolled over to Syfy on my OnDemand service. In my search, I came across a new show I had heard about, The Expanse. After checking out the first episode, I'm hooked. Before I get into it, I want [...]

NRDLY Weekly Update #5

What's up, guys! I'm back and rested from a great holiday break, but I am ready to give you the run down once more. We're getting into the thick of the big winter premieres. From Krampus to Star Wars, this month is going to be [...]

What to know before The Doctor Who season finale

The last two episodes of Doctor Who – Face the Raven and Heaven Sent – have been the best of the season and possibly the series. The best though could still be yet to come with the season finale being mere hours away. After watching [...]

(UPDATED!) Konami officially hates Hideo Kojima

UPDATE 12/15: Word has finally reached the public that Hideo Kojima has finally left Konami Studios, formed his own studio and is now in talks with Sony Entertainment. Well, that was fast! The break wasn't exactly clean, as Konami is now one of the least liked [...]

Peter Jackson strongly implies he will direct an episode of Doctor Who

I’ve been watching Doctor Who for a long time – when I was a kid I would stay up late on the weekends and watch the classic episodes with my dad – so, I’ve seen a lot with it. Very little though has me more [...]

NRDLY Weekly Update #4

Hey guys! Sorry about not having much content lately. I just got back from Seattle and the trip was pretty crazy. But now that I'm back, I can let you guys know what’s going on in the movie and TV world once more. For the [...]

Weeping Mannequins in Black Ops 3

So, I'm working hard on my Black Ops 3 review along with Fallout, and in the meantime I figured I'd put a couple of small things out there. I've been playing multiplayer extensively, and with the Nuk3town map in the chaos moshpit playlist, I've successfully kept a high [...]

“Prometheus 2” Gets a New Title, Official Synopsis

I don't know about you, but I freakin LOVED Prometheus, Ridley Scott's first foray into the Alien universe in decades. I felt it stayed true to the original universe, while giving us something new, fresh, and...interesting. A lot of people called in confusing (and they're probably right), [...]

AltspaceVR Announces online D&D Portal

One of the most visible online services out right now for virtual reality, AltspaceVR, has announced a new Dungeons and Dragons portal that looks pretty slick. Aspiring DMs can create an account, load their 'battlegrid,' manage character sheets and either find a party needing an [...]

Jessica Jones series premieres this week on Netflix

I hadn’t heard of Jessica Jones before Netflix announced it was doing another series on a Marvel superhero. After seeing the most recent trailer for the series, I was pumped. Like the Daredevil series, the show looks gritty and dark (maybe even more so than [...]

Real Life Tekken Moves!

Word on the street is that another Tekken movie may be in development soon. So stuntman Eric Jacobus took it upon himself to meticulously recreate full move sets from character Lei Wulong from the legendary martial arts fighting franchise. It looks amazing...and exhausting! You can [...]

More news about Clara’s exit from Doctor Who

I knew Steven Moffatt had a plan! In some of the latest news about this season of Doctor Who and Clara’s impending exit from the show, Peter Capaldi (who we should all know as the 12th Doctor) has just released some information during a radio [...]

Patch 2.4.0 Out Now For Diablo III!

Well, Blizzard is still breathing new life into a game that has been out since 2013 and, in my opinion, doing a great job at it. Patch 2.4.0 for the epic hack n slash - slash - action rpg is a self-described 'monstrous patch' full [...]

PS Vita Dragon Quest/Minecraft Mash-Up?

Anyone that knows me as a gamer knows my first foray into JRPGs was the original Dragon Quest series on NES, known here in the U.S. as Dragon Warrior. I can't stress enough that this franchise paved the way for my deep love of RPGs [...]

May The Force Be With You, Daniel.

  Hey, guys. Today I write with a heavy heart since Daniel Fleetwood, also known as Force Daniel, has passed away last night. If you haven’t heard his incredible story, he was diagnosed with a rare form of tissue cancer called Spindle Cell Carcinoma. He [...]

BlizzCon 2015 Opens Today!

Blizzard Entertainment is all a-bluzz (that was on purpose) as BlizzCon 2015 starts today in Anaheim, CA. Bill Murphy over at is blogging throughout the weekend and you can check out his take on Day 0 as well as follow him all weekend here. [...]

“Warcraft” Is Coming, And You Need To Get Ready

And here we are on Friday, November 6th. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has released officially, but more importantly, WE HAVE THE TRAILER FOR WARCRAFT. I'll give you guys a minute to check it out. OH. MY. GODS. So, I'm just saying, Travis Fimmel [...]

Power Rangers Movie To Be Released 2017

So if you had a childhood, you grew up watching the Power Rangers whenever you could. Saturday morning, after school, before church, it doesn't matter. We all had at least one action figure we played with until it literally fell apart. For many of us, this [...]

Fox News Guilty of Nerd-shaming “Star Wars” fans

Everyone's favorite TV bullies, Fox News, are back, this time with some good ole fashioned nerd-shaming. So here's the story: Neil Cavuto (there's your first clue) had two people on his show recently to talk about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens that debuted during Monday [...]

Mass Effect Surprises for N7 Day?

Bioware has hinted at something new for Mass Effect fans for N7 Day coming up Nov 7th. Now, they say it's not about Andromeda, but any news is good news if you love the franchise, right? Supposedly 'they're some surprises that we're sure you'll enjoy.' [...]

We Get Our First Image Of Benedict Cumberbatch In “Doctor Strange”!

Well, it hasn't been long, but since principal photography has just started on Marvel's brand new film Doctor Strange, we've already got a leak! Seriously, this is one Marvel movie I absolutely cannot wait for, I'm so over the top excited that it should be considered [...]

NRDLY Weekly Update #3

Hey guys! I’m back with this week’s Movie/TV Update. Sorry it is a little late, I am still trying to catch up from GMX this weekend. Nonetheless, we have one EPIC movie and two other okay ones along with the premier of Elementary on CBS. [...]

Holiday Shopping: Epic Loot Required!

We know it's early, but we're getting a head start on our Nrdly Holiday Shopping Guide. Chris brings us the first installment for the PC/console gamers in your life. What’s up everyone, it’s your dude Chris here about to come at you with some sweet [...]

$299 PS4 With Free Game at Sam’s Club Nov 14!

Not to be outdone by MS's Black Friday Xbox One deal, Sony is releasing limited quantities of PS4s at Sam's Clubs for $299 plus a free game on November 14th only, user Ribbercage over at Cheap Ass Gamer revealed via a leaked flyer. Whether the [...]

‘My Avatar Friend,’ Nintendo’s First Smart Phone Offering

As promised, Nintendo has unveiled details for their first game app for smart phones entitled 'Miitomo,' a hybrid of the name for customize-able player avatars used with the Wii and Wii U console systems and the Japanese word 'tomo' meaning 'friend.' At first, I was [...]

Nintendo Enters Smartphone Game App Market…FINALLY

Even with slumping sales over the course of the last several years, Nintendo, at one time the darling of the video game world, refused to enter the smartphone game. For what reason, no one knows. Maybe they were like music industry moguls in the 80s [...]

NRDLY Weekly Update #2

What's up guys, I am back with this week's update on everything film. We kinda have a bare week here since all of the movies that we were anticipating have already come out. There is one upcoming movie and actually a couple TV titles. We are [...]

Engadget Review: Xbox One Elite Controller

I have to admit, when I first received my One last year I was less than impressed with the stock controller. It felt less solid than its older, supposedly less-advanced brother from the 360. Not that it was cheap, it just didn't have the heft [...]

Great Scott! USA Today Prints Page From Movie Franchise

In what can be seen as a brilliant marketing play, USA Today has released their October 21st, 2015 edition with the actual front page which Marty reads in Back To The Future II. We'll see how this translates into hard copy sales, collectors, hurry and [...]

Xbox One Bundle $299.99 Black Friday Deal has spilled that Dell will be offering an amazing Black Friday deal on the 500GB Xbox One core system with full Gears of War download and Fallout 4 (hard copy) as well as an extra controller.  Those wanting to get into the latest gen [...]

NRDLY Movie/TV Weekly Update

Hey guys! As you all now, I am your Movie/TV guru and I’m actually gonna start giving you guys weekly updates on what to expect in that department! I will give you the rundown on what to watch on TV and what movie to see. [...]

Star Wars Trailer Premieres Tomorrow Alongside Ticket Sales!

  So we're now...two months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and as if we weren't freaking out enough, they decided to spring this beautiful official poster on us, along with the news that during Monday night football tomorrow, a new trailer [...]

I Find Your Lack of Soap…Disturbing

For the Star Wars fan who has everything, and we know there are some of you out there, how about taking your morning wake-up routine up to light speed? Now you can wash yourself with water emanating either from the helmet of Lord Vader or [...]

Gamera Returns For 50th Anniversary

It's no secret Pacific Rim is an unabashed Kaiju love letter from Guillermo Del Toro, so no doubt he'll be pretty pumped for the new Gamera reboot whose trailer Kadokawa Daiei Studios' senior managing director Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and producer Shinichiro Inoue just recently debuted at [...]

Stephen Colbert had THE greatest musical guest…..EVER.

On last night's The Late Show Stephen Colbert flexed his geek muscle and had the greatest musical guest in the history of late night television. Yes. The Zelda Orchestra performed. I mean...incredible, right?! The Zelda Orchestra is currently touring around the country, spreading geeky musical joy [...]

Ready for More Attack on Titan Stuff?

New York Comic Con was last week, and there was a TON of cool junk that came out of it. We'll be spending this week sharing some of our favorite bits, including this little nugget of interesting from the Kodansha Comics panel. In fall of [...]

The ‘Lost Scripts’ of Star Wars

I have a mystery I want solved. A little later I'm going to put the call out to you, Nrdly faithful, and I want you to answer. But for now I'm going to take you back to what could have been any lunch room table [...]

View-Master Goes All Modern n’ Stuff

Mattel, purveyors of your childhood fun, have released the View-Master for the modern era. Gone are the little plastic and cardboard wheels, replaced by a slot for your phone. That's right...this version is a freakin VR MACHINE! Working alongside Google Cardboard, the new View-Master is [...]

Opening Titles to American Horror Story Hotel Released

It's October, which mean haunts, ghouls, zombies, blood, and a new season of one of my favorite shows, American Horror Story. My wife and I have followed every year (she finished Murder House, I didn't), and look forward to the beginning of October for this [...]

It’s the 10th Anniversary of ‘Serenity’

I hesitated to even start writing this. I knew that once I had begun, I may just gush forth in perpetuity about possibly my favorite tv show ever, seriously. Thankfully dear readers, Haleigh Foutch over at Collider just wrote a comprehensive article hitting touchstones of [...]

Show Your Love for Jabba the Hutt in Style

Have you ever wanted your very own, semi life-size Jabba the Hutt to proudly display on your lawn? I know I have, and thanks to the fine people over at Think Geek YOU CAN!! Purveyors of all things nerdy and slightly useless (but totally necessary), [...]

Thank the Maker! Pacific Rim 2 is STILL HAPPENING!!

This summer has been one of waffling from studios and strife for fans of the epic robots-vs-kaiju film Pacific Rim. Everyone's been eagerly awaiting its sequel, but earlier this summer, some news that it may not get made rocked the geek world. Legendary pictures had [...]

The Dark Knight Through the Decades

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NOPE. I’m sorry; I’m not a big fan of the 1960s Batman TV series. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike it per se, but it is certainly my least favorite incarnation of the character and mythos. [...]

Another SWEET X-Files Trailer

When I was a kid, I would always try to sneak episodes of The X-Files into my Sunday night schedule, which was difficult as it was past my (draconian) bedtime. It was one of those shows that solidified my love for science fiction and conspiracy [...]

Amazing Fan-Film Gives Us the Freddy Krueger We Deserve

As rumors abound of ANOTHER Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, Some incredible fans have taken matters into their own hands and given us a glorious look into the origins of good ole Freddy. Written and directed by Nathan Milliner, "The Confession of Fred Krueger" is [...]

Sherlock Season 4 Update

Well, brilliant-sociopathic-arrogant sleuth loving people, good and bad news. We will get another run of our beloved detective and partner Dr. Watson...but not until fall 2016 most likely. Our friends over den of geek via Collider divulge that co-writer Mark Gatiss (who also plays Mycroft [...]

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Begins October 8th!

Origin players on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to get a taste of both the Rebel and Imperial side of all things galactic combat when EA launches the technical Beta October 8-12 in the run up to the [...]

Staff Picks: Indie Comics

When Geof asked me to do an article on my favorite indie comics, he didn’t really have to twist my arm. At all. There’s so many great titles out there right now and with apps such as Comixology, featuring specials weekly, you can even download [...]

Force Friday Was Freaking Fantastic. Just Sayin’ – The Tyler Review

Hey guys! It’s Tyler here. I attended Force Friday back on September 4th, and I just had to share and show you guys what I experienced. For those of you who don’t know, it was the big midnight release all around the world of all [...]


Today's Playstation event at the Tokyo Game Show just dropped some epic Vita related news. As a self-proclaimed Vita apologist, this excites me to no end. Here's a short collection of what I'm MOST stoked for.             I don't think [...]

Interview: Nilah Magruder from M.F.K.

I'm a big fan of indie comics. I PREFER indie comics to mainstream (even though I respect them), and webcomics is a world I'm slowly growing into. I'm always on the lookout for new material to devour, and one day I came across M.F.K. (you [...]

Bioware Enlists LootCrate for ME Special

Mass Effect fans rejoice! Subscription surprise boxes are all the rage and now you can sign up to get your Bioware limited edition N7 lootcrate full-up with rare and exclusive collectibles. Go here to receive more information on details and release date. Visit for [...]

Star Wars Uprising Gives Us the First Look at the New Star Wars Canon

With The Force Awakens coming to theaters in less than 100 days, and with Force Friday now behind us, there's been an endless stream of Star Wars news and goodies, seemingly every day. One of the most anticipated things is the recently released Star Wars [...]

By The Old Gods (And The New), “The Winds of Winter” Is Coming.

So, I'm a massive fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire, and like everyone else out there, I've been waiting patiently (and impatiently) for G.R.R. Martin's new novel in the series, The Winds of Winter. Since the release of the 4th and 5th entries, A Feast [...]

Review: Star Wars Aftermath

Like probably most of you reading, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I have been for at least 25 years, since I started wearing out my dad's VHS tapes, pretending to be a Jedi on the playground, and occasionally "just checking" if I could use [...]

Funko and Disney Announce Smuggler’s Bounty!

Funko, peddler of those Pop! figures that border on a crack addiction for many, has teamed up with Disney, caretaker of the Star Wars franchise, to create the first, COMPLETELY OFFICIAL Star Wars subscription box service. Titled Smuggler's Bounty, they promise a multitude of exclusives for [...]

Collector’s Corner: Star Trek ships

Over here at Nrdly. we're unabashed Star Wars fans, but we fully realize that maybe some of you love that 'galaxy far, far away' AND 'where no man has gone before.' And dare I say it, maybe you like it MORE. That's ok (not really, [...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Trespasser’ DLC Out Now

New DLC is now available for Bioware's expansive RPG world in Dragon Age: Inquisition and only for latest gen consoles (360 and PS3, you're out of luck). Set two years after the events of Inquisition, Trespasser is an entirely new campaign, unlike most DLC which [...]

Review: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

I'm an avid reader. Always have been and, despite my slacking over the last couple of years, always will be. I started off small, immediately went HUGE, and have leveled off into average size novels as I've gotten older. One of my favorite authors over [...]

Sparrow Racing Patrol Missions Are New In 2.0!

The Destiny 2.0 update that is the base for the new The Taken King expansion dropped today, and brought some much needed and beloved changes. From the questing system, to sword forging, to much needed Crucible weapon nerfs, it seems that Bungie has not only learned from their mistakes [...]

Praise To Melitele, Physical Gwent Decks Are Coming!!

CD Projekt Red has announced today that the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release next month on both PS4 and Xbox One. The pack will also come with a limited edition boxed release at specific retailers that will come [...]

SW Action Figure Fantasy Team

Man, I don’t know about you, but Geof’s little early morning jaunt to The Disney Store for Force Friday got me going. I couldn’t help but think about when I was a kid and the hours I spent with SW swag. Now, I didn’t have [...]

“The Force Awakens” Soundtrack has an Official Release Date

It wouldn't be a Star Wars film without John Williams and his magic touch. Mr. Williams has returned for the score to The Force Awakens, and now we know when we'll be able to pick it up. According to Walt Disney Records, the score will be [...]

Thank The Force…New “Battlefront” Novel Coming!!

According to, we'll be getting a new novel detailing the more boots on the ground infantry warfare between either the Rebellion and the Empire or the Resistance and the First Order. We don't know yet. And that's what's killing me! We want to know [...]

Nrdly hit up Force Friday

Early this morning, at 4 am CST, I woke up, groggy from my three hours of sleep. I trudged to the shower, emerging refreshed and slightly more awake. I threw on my favorite Star Wars tee, my favorite jeans, and grabbed my Bag of Holding [...]


Force Friday is upon us and, following the deluge of epic that was the Star Wars Live Unboxing stream (that ended this morning), there's been a lot of internet fervor over one item in particular. Sphero's BB-8 working, rolling, talking, drivable, patrolable robot will be IN [...]

Hyper Realistic Hyrule? YES PLEASE!!!

Everyone loves Ocarina of Time. If you don't, you're not human. It was one of the most influential games of all time and set the standard for RPG's from that point forward. It was the one game that launched my deep passion for gaming. All that [...]

Hold On To Your Butts. “Battlefront” Is Getting A Beta.

Well, we all wanted it. DICE announced today that we're getting a Battlefront beta playable this October. Here's the official statement from DICE below for those of you who don't like links. "Coming early October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC, the Star [...]

Check out the opening to Halo 5: Guardians

The Microsoft corner of the internet exploded this morning when the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians showed up on Youtube. Behold....the glory.   Let's give a rundown here: Epic Spartan battle action Crazy battle between Forerunner and Covenant forces FRAKKIN NATHAN FILLION!!!!!! recap: [...]

New Xbox One ELITE bundle drops in November

Around here at Nrdly, we're Sony fans. I've got a Vita, Colin has his PS4, and beside Nintendo, and a brief stint with 1st gen Xbox, we've always been Playstation people. This new bundle from Microsoft, though, is seriously tempting me for my next home [...]

Have you seen the new Star Wars Lego commercial yet?!?!

In the lead up to Force Friday, leaks have been bustin out left and right. First was the EPIC Hasbro catalogue leak and now comes a sweet Lego commercial. In it...we KIND of learn a plot point, and hear BB-8's speech for the first time!! [...]

The Launch Trailer For “The Taken King” Is Cinematic Goodness

The brand new expansion for Bungie's "shared world shooter" Destiny, titled The Taken King, is less than two weeks away. TWO WEEKS. That means two weeks until brand new strikes and gear (Swords!), two weeks to an overhauled questing system, and two weeks until doubled vault space!! [...]

Worst video game ever made sells for over $100k

After 34 days of development in 1982, "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" was released to critical horror. It was the worst game ever made (if you don't believe me....go find a youtube clip. I've played's me...), and promptly it was shunned and pulled from the [...]

Our Journey To “The Force Awakens” Finally Begins!!

"The second Death Star has been destroyed, the Emperor killed, and Darth Vader struck down. Devastating blows against the Empire, and major victories for the Rebel Alliance. But the battle for freedom is far from over." The time has come. As we lave the age [...]

Diablo fans REJOICE! Patch 2.3.0 is LIVE!

With patch 2.3.0 dropping today, a lot of Diablo 3 fans are ready to get back in and start the old grind all over again. I, myself, am super stoked about all the new changes with the patch right before season 4 starts on August [...]

We’re Getting A”Borderlands” Film!!

It was announced today that the movie studio Lionsgate will begin developing the first in a planned series of Borderlands films with producers Avi and Ari Arad. Whaaaaaaaaaat?! In an age when more video game movies are being developed (Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, etc.), and most [...]

The Demise of Four Player Split Screen

With the imminent arrival of Halo 5: Guardians and Star Wars: Battlefront, the pink gaming elephant in the room, at least for me, has once again raised his ugly head. Why have seemingly all the latest gen consoles moved away from four player split screen [...]

We Get Our First Glimpse Of The Battle Of Jakku!

  We are proud to give you a first visual glimpse of The Battle of Jakku, coming to Star Wars Battlefront on December 1st, 2015, for all who pre-order, and a week later for all other game holders. The Battle of Jakku was the pivotal moment when [...]

WHOVIANS REJOICE! BBC and Lego Join Forces for Doctor Who Joy

Praise be to Gallifrey! The BBC and Lego have announced a partnership to bring Doctor Who, arguably the BEST thing since...well...time, to the world of awesome building bricks. Including Daleks, the TARDIS, Weeping Angels, and more from the vast expanse of time and space. The [...]

FINALLY! First Look At Michael Fassbender in “Assassin’s Creed”

    AND HERE IT IS. FINALLY. After delays and writer changes like nobody's business, we finally have our first look at Michael Fassbender in the trappings of the legendary Assassin Order. Now, before everyone here starts freaking out about who this is or where [...]

How BB-8 Became The Coolest New Droid We’ve Ever Seen

From the moment we saw it in the first teaser trailer, we’ve fallen in love with BB-8. The new droid who’ll be rolling around with the characters in Star Wars The Force Awakens is unique and creative, and now we know the history behind it! Over at [...]

Kylo Ren Is Not Who You Think He Is

Kylo Ren is easily the most discussed new character of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. From his Darth Revan/Darth Vader combo outfit to his (absolutely badass) cross guard lightsaber, he seems to be a truly unique and mysterious villain the likes of which we have [...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s creator wishes people would figure it out

If you're into horror games, you know about Five Nights at Freddy's. This year the games designer/creator/master of terror, Scott Cawthon, released FNaF4, one of the BEST games in the series. In an update on Steam, however, he addressed the storyline of his latest masterpiece: [...]

Gotham Season 2 trailer gets a little Joker-y

If you're into the Gotham show, then you probably picked up on the hints and easter eggs pointing to the Joker being one of the big baddies in season 2. Well...if you've been wishing it, looks like it's about to come true. The trailer for [...]

Classic Game Rewind: Shadows of the Empire

With everyone all a-buzz these days about all things The Force Awakens, it got me thinking about one of my favorite games on the old N64 system, Shadows of the Empire. This Lucas Arts title was actually released barely four months into the new console’s [...]

Stormtrooper Helmets From “Rogue One” Released?!

So, we may have gotten a freaking sweet reveal on Instagram from the new film Star Wars: Rogue One. On Donnie Yen's Instagram page  we are shown three helmets. The one in the middle looks like the classic Stormtrooper helmet we all know and love, but what [...]


Is anyone excited about Force Friday??? The premiere of all the new Star Wars Episode VII merch is upon us (September 4 to be exact), and we here at Nrdly are busy prepping our souls and wallets for the deluge of plastic goodness.   In [...]

George Miller tapped for ‘Man Of Steel’ follow-up?

  Rumor has it George Miller of Mad Max: Fury Road could be helming the sequel to Zack Snyder's 'Man Of Steel' and I for one am pretty excited about that. I loved Snyder's Watchmen and I enjoyed the look of MoS, yet somehow the [...]

We’re Getting A Polynesian Disney Princess, Calm Down.

  Another tidbit of news coming out of Disney's D23 Expo has us all excited! Moving forward with their quintessential CG princess films, Disney has officially unveiled Moana, the first Polynesian Disney princess! The film was unveiled with the help of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who will [...]

Marvel Adds Incredible Fan-Service to New Comics in September

Those familiar with the comics universe are no stranger to variant covers. Those collectible, really AWESOME, special edition covers that are generally better than the mass-market versions. Marvel is one of the biggest proponents of the variant game, and this September (next month) they're doing [...]

Chris’ Favorite Star Wars Swag

It being Nrdly’s Star Wars week I’m being yelled at to contribute some Star Wars content (jk...I love my Nrdly overlords). On the one hand I do love me some Star Wars, wouldn’t be much of a nerd if I didn’t. On the other though, [...]

WAIT…Is Destiny Getting Swords?! ANSWERED: YES.

So if you're a fan of Destiny, hopefully you were watching the livestream from Bungie's Twitch page in which DeeJ and couple of other Bungie faithfuls walked us through some of the changes The Taken King will bring to Destiny. A lot of news is coming out of [...]

J.J. Talks Han Solo and His Mythos

Han Solo. One of the highest rated characters in ANY science-fiction world. The guy is a total badass, and we all love him for it. His return in Episode VII is nothing short of awesome, and I for one am completely stoked to see he [...]

Pro sabers for Pro fans

In case you've been living under a rock in the Jundland Wastes, you know that there's a new Star Wars movie coming this winter (check out the Nrdly Podcast for ALL the deetz). With each new Star Wars film, comes a slew of super-fans who [...]

“Diablo 3” and “Elder Scrolls” Mixed? YES.

Here at Nrdly we absolute love independent, creative, and unique pieces of art. From books and movies, to video games and comics, if you have a dream, chase it! One of my absolute favorite indie game projects in the works is one titled Umbra. Umbra is an [...]

New Disney Legends Anointed; Johnny Depp & George Lucas Included!

There was a TON that happened at the D23 Expo this weekend, not the least of which was the induction of Johnny Depp, George Lucas, Danny Elfman, and others into the exclusive club of Disney Legends. Geek Godfather Mr Lucas, when he was given his award, [...]

New Captain America: Civil War info (SPOILERS)

I know this is Star Wars week here at Nrdly, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the other GREAT stuff that came out of this years D23 Expo. One of the most non-Star Wars things that happened was the footage and info from Captain America: Civil [...]

Anyone Remember Figment? Well…HE’S BACK!

One of my favorite rides at Disney World's Epcot theme park when I was a kid was the Journey Into Imagination ride. Figment, the mascot, was this cool purple dragon who, as a kid, was a GREAT introduction to dragons and imagination (it was the kickstart [...]

New Star Wars Experiences Coming to Disney THIS YEAR!!

Following yesterday's news about a larger Star Wars presence at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Lucasfilm and Disney have announced two new experiences hitting the parks this year! The first is something called Star Wars Launch Bay. From the Star Wars site: Star Wars Launch Bay [...]

FORCE BE PRAISED! Star Wars Areas Hitting Disney Parks!

D23 Expo this year was MASSIVE! Full of great Star Wars news in the lead up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens, not the least of which is this little tidbit: NEW STAR WARS LANDS ARE HITTING BOTH DISNEY PARKS!! Disney CEO Bob Iger had this to [...]

Oh Man, Jon Boyega Gets His Own Lightsaber In New “Force Awakens” Poster

The Force Awakens will have a poster painted by Drew Struzan...because why fix what ain't broke? In this new poster, we get a glimpse at Jon Boyega's character, Finn, and his brand new shiny lightsaber! He also doesn't look sweaty and out of breath for [...]

“Rogue One” Gets First Full Cast Picture!

WHAT?? Lucasfilm announced today that their first film in the new standalone Star Wars stories series, Rogue One, has begun principal photography. Gareth Edwards  is directing Rogue One, which tells the story of resistance fighters who have united to steal plans to the dreaded Death Star.  [...]

“Lion King” Gets A New Disney TV Series…Because Disney.

As if there weren't enough reboots happening, Disney is now launching The Lion King: Return of the Roar, a short TV film, in November. The movie will focus on Kion, Simba's second lion cub child as he forms a team of animals called "The Lion Guard" [...]

G.R.R.M…..Why Must You Toy With Us So?!?!

George R.R. Martin, geek god of awesome hats (and the writer of a small series called A Song Of Ice And Fire), has now stated the ending of the series will be "bittersweet". "[Lord of the Rings] ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory," he [...]

Marvel’s New Comic Sounds AWESOME

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the title of a new, Pixar-feel inspired comic from Marvel. At the helm are writers Amy Reeder (Madame Xanadu, Batwoman) & Brandon Montclare (Rocket Girl, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four), artist Natacha Bustos (Strange Sports Stories), editor Mark Paniccia & assistant editor Emily Shaw. [...]

Holy Junk! “The Hateful Eight” trailer Is Out, And It’s Glorious!

I've been a HUGE Quentin Tarantino fan for years, and as such, I've been following the saga of The Hateful Eight and it's on-again-off-again flip flopping. You can imagine my excited today when the trailer hit the Youtubes! Check it out below, and get stoked.  

YOUR Art Can Be Featured at “Star Wars: Art Awakens”

OHMYGOD!! The Nrdly office is FREAKING out right now about this news. Star Wars and HP have teamed up to create a sweet art exhibit with pieces based on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The event is called Art Awakens, and will take place in [...]

Star Wars: A Few Things We’ve Learned About Kylo Ren

Entertainment Weekly has published a piece with some brand new info on Kylo Ren, including some crazy facts we never expected! Let's just right into it. This is a rumor we’d heard for a while, but now it has been confirmed. Adam Driver's villain appears [...]

Digital vs Traditional: The New World of Comics Creation

For EONS (or decades...whichever) comics and illustrated works have been done by hand, ink, pencil, & paper. Even in this world of modern technology, nothing can beat the good ol' #2. Lately, though, a lot of artists have been converting to digital for the actual [...]

Just Can’t Get Enough (Tolkien)

Before we get started here, I just want to say, this piece of news has rocked my world. I am so excited for this release, that I may just pay extra to ship a copy from England so I don't have to wait until October. [...]

Is Super Meat Boy FINALLY getting a sequel?!

Did you ever have a chance to play the SUPER AMAZINGNESS that was Super Meat Boy? No?? Okay...go play it. We'll wait. ...   ....   .....   .......   Done? Good. You want a sequel now, right? Well...for the longest time, the guys over [...]

“Horizon: Zero Dawn”, The Best Robot Dinosaur Hunting Game Ever

Sony had some pretty freaking sweet cards up their sleeves this year at E3. Things like Playstation Vue, the new Call of Duty deal , No Man's Sky, THE LAST GUARDIAN. But one little announcement struck me more than almost any other, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Coming in [...]

New “Hearthstone” Expansion Looks Freaking Sweet

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament launches in August, brings 132 new cards to the insanely popular free-to-play card game. The Grand Tournament card packs are currently available for pre-purchase, and you can grab 50 for $1 each, thereby unlocking a new card back. The expansion is all about [...]

Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” hits in 2017

Ready Player One, the best nerdy nostalgia trip ever, is making it's way to theaters on December 15, 2017, according to a rep from Warner Bros. Steven Spielberg is at the helm, giving everyone around the globe a sense of hope for the future of [...]

Josh Trank Hints At Studio Meddling In “Fantastic Four” Debacle

So, Fantastic Four is out, the reviews are in, and they just are not good. Josh Trank hit it out of the park with Chronicle  back in 2012, but this new piece based on the Marvel superhero team has simply fallen short. According to a deleted tweet, Trank [...]

Back to the Future Monopoly. Nuff Said.

This post really doesn't need anything said. It's Monopoly...Back to the Future style. You can preorder it now from your local games/comic shop. For now...bask in the glory of our gallery below. Source  

No New “Doctor Who” in 2016?!?!?!?! read that right. Private Eye, a British magazine known for it's satire (and it's uncannily accurate Who predictions), has reported that the BBC has requested Steven Moffat step down for a season to finish the latest installment of Sherlock (which DOES lessen the sting a [...]

“The Taken King” Prologue Trailer. All Kinds of Goodness.

Not going to say much, but this trailer is looking freaking sweet. Thanks Eris Morn for actually doing something finally!

“Dark Tower” And “Uncharted” Films Get Release Dates!

Sony Pictures seems to be looking into the future with a foot also in the past here, announcing release dates for not 5, not 10, but 15 films set for release over the next two years. Among these are two "Bad Boys" sequels, a "Jumanji" [...]

“World of Warcraft: Legion” Officially Announced. Yup.

The Burning Legion is back in the next expansion for World of Warcraft, which will raise the level cap to 110 and add a new hero class, Demon Hunter, to the long running MMO. It’s called Legion. That's right. Our favorite Burning Legion returns for the [...]

M.F.K. is the best webcomic you’ll read all year

I come across plenty of webcomics every week. I'm inspired by others creativity, and as a indie-comic creator myself, I love seeing the art and reading what others in my chosen field are doing. It's not a surprise when I come across something great, but [...]

Battlefront Reveals Squadron Multiplayer

So we're all excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we here at Nrdly. all love video games. The two of these together creates something just as exciting: Star Wars: Battlefront. Since 2005's sequel, we've all been waiting very impatiently for a return to [...]

Destiny “We Are Guardians” Trailer Features Nolan North As Ghost

As you all know, Nolan North is replacing the much maligned Peter Dinklage as the voice of our beloved Ghosts in Bungie's hit shared world shooter Destiny. He'll not only be replacing Dinklebot in the new expansion, but North is also re-recording all of his lines in [...]

Ronda Rousey loves….Pokemon?!

If you haven't heard by now, Ronda Rousey is, according to Sports Illustrated, "The Most Dominant Athlete Alive". She's also a HUGE Pokemon nerd. Speaking to MMA Fighting on Youtube, she describes her love for the long-running series, where it began, her first card and [...]

Nintendo does a loot box

The company that kickstarted gaming into the collective hearts of the world, Nintendo, is getting in on the subscription box game with it's own N-box (purported title). It will debut only in the UK, for now, through Nintendo's online store. I was a big fan [...]

“The Mountain” wins Europe’s Strongest Man…AGAIN!

If you're like us here at Nrdly HQ, you're a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones (and the ASOIAF series), and if that's the case, you know ALL about Gregor Clegane, a.k.a The Mountain. The man who embodies the most intimidating man in Westeros,  Hafthor “Thor” [...]

Hot Toys adding improvements on the crazy-pricey Hulkbuster armor

ICYMI: Hot Toys unveiled their awesome $800 Hulkbuster armor collectible (which you can check out here) earlier in the year, with a ridiculously long production time ahead of it. I thought it was pretty epic, albeit a little pricey for a collectible. Well this week, [...]

New Star Wars gear for your furry kids and human kids.

Do you have human children? How about furry children? you have another way to geek em out. Some awesome "nerd stuff" bombs were dropped this weekend, and I can't WAIT to spend a bunch of money I don't have on this sweet crap.   [...]

2015 British Fantasy Awards nominees announced

From 1972 onward, the British Fantasy Awards has handed out awards to the best in British fantasy. This years nominees have been announced, and it's a pretty solid list. You can check it out below, and on the official site. Best Fantasy Novel (the Robert [...]

Freaking Sweet “Destiny” Figure Coming THIS WEEK!

So....we've all been wanting a series of Destiny figures, right? Right. Finally, the Gods have listened! We are finally getting the Destiny collector's item we've always wanted, along with weapons and armor we DON'T have to grind Vault of Glass 10 straight months for, here's [...]

Del Toro and Kojima Still Have Plans…

So apparently, in the post-Silent Hills world we live in, Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima are still pals, and still want to make stuff. I mean...that's the best news since Pacific Rim 2 and the possibility of Hellboy 3. As you all remember, P.T., [...]

Thinking Inside The Box: The Subscription Box Trend

Does anyone remember Clark Griswold’s epic holiday meltdown in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when he received a year-long subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club rather than a traditional bonus?  If you don’t, YouTube, my friends, YouTube. Thankfully, gone are the days of meh-tastic [...]

Swords and Junk: The Most Influential Fantasy Novels Of All Time

So, as you all know I'm a huge fantasy nut. From LOTR and Narnia to The Elder Scrolls and everything in between, I love it. As a kid who group very unpopular and alone most of the time, I began to delve into other worlds [...]

Geof’s Favorites: Books

Today's the day I list out some of my favorite books. Now...this isn't a list of "best books of all time" or anything. Just a few of my favorites. I haven't read much new lately, being busy with launching Nrdly and such, but I plan [...]

Dark Horse releases their schedule for 2015+

In a post-SDCC world, things are rough. No more big announcement fun, no more parties, lots of exhaustion and kicking back with your feet up (rest those puppies, for Hall H lines are cruel). But Dark Horse is here to save the day and remind [...]

The “Little Golden Book” gets a geeky upgrade member those Little Golden Books from when you were a kid? You know which ones I mean. I can't tell you how many times I read about that pokey little puppy. Well....prepare to revisit your childhood,  because Star Wars is entering it in a [...]

Who DOESN’T love a little Lying Cat?

So there's this guy on tumblr who's taken Garfield comics, stripped out Garfield himself, and replaced him with Lying Cat from the fantastic Saga series. In a's glorious. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Source

Check this out: Alterna Comics

While everyone else is freakin out Marvel this and DC that, I'm over here just diggin on some creator-owned action. One of my favorite publishers is Alterna Comics. If you don't who these guys are, I pity you. Alterna has some dope stuff: Mother Russia, [...]

First details of ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ revealed!

I just squealed like a terrified pig. The first details of the first book in the Journey to The Force Awakens series, Star Wars: Aftermath, have been revealed in an article in Entertainment Weekly. Apparently, someone at the publisher's office ACCIDENTALLY LEAKED the opening few [...]

Turtledove Opens Atlantis

Hey guys, Colin here. So, I'm a weird guy, but I have simple tastes. I like fantasy, crazy magic, monsters, and alternate "what if?" stories. Here's one of my favorites. Harry Turtledove, an author many consider to be the godfather of alternate history novels and [...]

Marvel Universe Reboot = Space Venom? Female Thor? Spider-Gwen? OLD MAN LOGAN?!

This year at SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con for all you casuals out there.), Marvel unveiled something completely new, and maybe slightly unsettling. I'm talking about the "All New, All Different" Marvel series starting this October. The collection is made up of 44 totally new Marvel [...]

Ernest Cline hits you right in the nostalgia-feels with ‘Armada’

Ernest Cline is releasing his latest novel in the Ready Player One series, Armada, and boy does it sound awesome. Rolling Stone did a great interview with Cline, talking about his inspirations behind Armada, pop culture, and his influences. It's worth a read, for sure, [...]


I don't know if there's a movie coming in 2016 I'm MORE excited about (besides anything Star Wars related) other than Suicide Squad. The teaser was released Monday, following the Hall H panel at SDCC 2015, and my GOD it looks amazing. I had my [...]

Everyone’s favorite snark-masters…TOGETHER!

According to the Marvel blog, and announced last week at SDCC, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness are putting together SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL. Imagine: everyone's favorite 4th-wall breaking asshat with the spidery sarcastic mutant. Sounds like a win-win to me! You can find out more info at the official [...]

The best movie at SDCC you DIDN’T hear about

According The New York Times, Luc Besson is back with another, sure to be incredible, film: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I'm a big fan of Besson's films, so I'm just as excited for this announcement. From the man himself at his smaller, lesser [...]