Daredevil: Stop the Foggy Hate!

  Last week the second season of DareDevil launched on Netflix.  This you probably already know. What is amazing to me is that all of the media pundits have chimed in.  Most have summed up the season with the following critique: Incredible Martial Arts/ Stunt [...]

Sit Down with Cary Polkovitz

One of the cool things about working at Nrdly is the time we get to spend talking with some really cool people. I've spoken to people from Star Wars, famous game designers, and now...I can add an awesome comic artist to the list. I got [...]

Gamera Returns For 50th Anniversary

It's no secret Pacific Rim is an unabashed Kaiju love letter from Guillermo Del Toro, so no doubt he'll be pretty pumped for the new Gamera reboot whose trailer Kadokawa Daiei Studios' senior managing director Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and producer Shinichiro Inoue just recently debuted at [...]

Ready for More Attack on Titan Stuff?

New York Comic Con was last week, and there was a TON of cool junk that came out of it. We'll be spending this week sharing some of our favorite bits, including this little nugget of interesting from the Kodansha Comics panel. In fall of [...]

The Dark Knight Through the Decades

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NOPE. I’m sorry; I’m not a big fan of the 1960s Batman TV series. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike it per se, but it is certainly my least favorite incarnation of the character and mythos. [...]

Staff Picks: Indie Comics

When Geof asked me to do an article on my favorite indie comics, he didn’t really have to twist my arm. At all. There’s so many great titles out there right now and with apps such as Comixology, featuring specials weekly, you can even download [...]

Interview: Nilah Magruder from M.F.K.

I'm a big fan of indie comics. I PREFER indie comics to mainstream (even though I respect them), and webcomics is a world I'm slowly growing into. I'm always on the lookout for new material to devour, and one day I came across M.F.K. (you [...]

George Miller tapped for ‘Man Of Steel’ follow-up?

  Rumor has it George Miller of Mad Max: Fury Road could be helming the sequel to Zack Snyder's 'Man Of Steel' and I for one am pretty excited about that. I loved Snyder's Watchmen and I enjoyed the look of MoS, yet somehow the [...]

Marvel Adds Incredible Fan-Service to New Comics in September

Those familiar with the comics universe are no stranger to variant covers. Those collectible, really AWESOME, special edition covers that are generally better than the mass-market versions. Marvel is one of the biggest proponents of the variant game, and this September (next month) they're doing [...]

Anyone Remember Figment? Well…HE’S BACK!

One of my favorite rides at Disney World's Epcot theme park when I was a kid was the Journey Into Imagination ride. Figment, the mascot, was this cool purple dragon who, as a kid, was a GREAT introduction to dragons and imagination (it was the kickstart [...]

Marvel’s New Comic Sounds AWESOME

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the title of a new, Pixar-feel inspired comic from Marvel. At the helm are writers Amy Reeder (Madame Xanadu, Batwoman) & Brandon Montclare (Rocket Girl, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four), artist Natacha Bustos (Strange Sports Stories), editor Mark Paniccia & assistant editor Emily Shaw. [...]

Digital vs Traditional: The New World of Comics Creation

For EONS (or decades...whichever) comics and illustrated works have been done by hand, ink, pencil, & paper. Even in this world of modern technology, nothing can beat the good ol' #2. Lately, though, a lot of artists have been converting to digital for the actual [...]

M.F.K. is the best webcomic you’ll read all year

I come across plenty of webcomics every week. I'm inspired by others creativity, and as a indie-comic creator myself, I love seeing the art and reading what others in my chosen field are doing. It's not a surprise when I come across something great, but [...]

Hot Toys adding improvements on the crazy-pricey Hulkbuster armor

ICYMI: Hot Toys unveiled their awesome $800 Hulkbuster armor collectible (which you can check out here) earlier in the year, with a ridiculously long production time ahead of it. I thought it was pretty epic, albeit a little pricey for a collectible. Well this week, [...]

Dark Horse releases their schedule for 2015+

In a post-SDCC world, things are rough. No more big announcement fun, no more parties, lots of exhaustion and kicking back with your feet up (rest those puppies, for Hall H lines are cruel). But Dark Horse is here to save the day and remind [...]

Who DOESN’T love a little Lying Cat?

So there's this guy on tumblr who's taken Garfield comics, stripped out Garfield himself, and replaced him with Lying Cat from the fantastic Saga series. In a nutshell...it's glorious. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Source

Check this out: Alterna Comics

While everyone else is freakin out Marvel this and DC that, I'm over here just diggin on some creator-owned action. One of my favorite publishers is Alterna Comics. If you don't who these guys are, I pity you. Alterna has some dope stuff: Mother Russia, [...]

Marvel Universe Reboot = Space Venom? Female Thor? Spider-Gwen? OLD MAN LOGAN?!

This year at SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con for all you casuals out there.), Marvel unveiled something completely new, and maybe slightly unsettling. I'm talking about the "All New, All Different" Marvel series starting this October. The collection is made up of 44 totally new Marvel [...]


I don't know if there's a movie coming in 2016 I'm MORE excited about (besides anything Star Wars related) other than Suicide Squad. The teaser was released Monday, following the Hall H panel at SDCC 2015, and my GOD it looks amazing. I had my [...]

Everyone’s favorite snark-masters…TOGETHER!

According to the Marvel blog, and announced last week at SDCC, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness are putting together SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL. Imagine: everyone's favorite 4th-wall breaking asshat with the spidery sarcastic mutant. Sounds like a win-win to me! You can find out more info at the official [...]

The best movie at SDCC you DIDN’T hear about

According The New York Times, Luc Besson is back with another, sure to be incredible, film: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I'm a big fan of Besson's films, so I'm just as excited for this announcement. From the man himself at his smaller, lesser [...]