Nrdly BONUS – Goin’ Rogue

The Kirby's talk about their experiences seeing "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", and vie into a spoiler-filled review, highlighting all their favorite parts from the second best Star Wars film ever made.

S02E01 – Diving Deep w/ CPOV

WE HAVE CO-HOSTS!! We're joined by Ben and Addy from "Certain Point of View" to talk about some of the Marvel greats: X-men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Deadpool. This is one of our favorite episodes ever. You can check out CPOV at

Nrdly Mini – Klayton (Celldweller)

Geof gets to talk to one of his biggest idols, Klayton. One of the premier music producers in the world, and a GIANT nerd, Klayton talks about his latest projects Scandroid and Circle of Dust, as well as what nerdy passions move him. You can [...]

Season 02/Episode 01 – A Little History Lesson

Been wondering about the history of one of the biggest comic book companies in the world? We've got you cover on Episode 1 of the new season of Nrdly!

S02E00 – Back in the Saddle

WE'RE BACK! Damn it feels good to be on the mic again. In the Season 2 opener of the Nrdly Podcast, you get to find out the big news we've been keeping from you guys for a few months now, and we play catch up [...]

Episode 44 – TEAM MYSTIC!

The one where the Kirby boys wax nostalgia on their own journeys with the Pokémon franchise, and discuss the finer points of Pokémon Go and being a part of Team Mystic. Artwork BG: devilraik

Nrdly Mini – Winter Is Here

The one where the Kirby's tackle the Season 6 finale of "Game of Thrones".

Episode 42 – Death of a Bastard

The one where the Kirby boys dissect all the hits and misses of E3, and we get to Nrd out over the Battle of the Bastards.

Episode 41 – MOD ALL THE THINGS!!

The one where the Kirby's discuss console mods, E3, the new X-men and why it's not bad, and the latest episode of Game of Thrones (Spoiler: Lady Mormont is a badass).

Episode 40 – Hold the Door

The one where the Kirby boys talk about some of the newest game releases, and then almost have a complete emotional breakdown discussing the latest tearjerker from "Game of Thrones"

Episode 39 – Nrdly News!

It's time for another episode of Nrdly News! This time the Kirby boys outline some changes for the podcast and ramp the hype for Year 2 of Nrdly!

Episode 38- What Is Dead May Never Die

HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!! This week, the Kirby boys discuss plans for Nrdly- Year 2, and recap the last two weeks of truly epic Game of Thrones action. You can find the Reddit theories mentioned in this episode here and here.

Episode 37 – You Know Nothing…

The Kirby's are BACK! With their little hiatus over, they come full force, tackling Hollywood's "Ghost in the Shell", and nrdgasming about the new season of "Game of Thrones".

Episode 36 – The Nrd Awakens, Pt 2

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the years most polarizing film (so far), the gloriousness of Final Fantasy XV, and have a total nerdgasm over Star Wars: The Force Awakens FINALLY being released on iTunes.  

Episode 35 – Who Is The Girl?

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the merits of being Team Cap over Team Stark, the return of FLCL, and Geof has a sit down with an incredible new comic author, Cary Polkovitz! You can check out the print version of the interview with [...]

Episode 34 – Nrdly HQ Spring Announcements!

The one where the Kirby boys take some time and talk about what's going on with Nrdly! New columns? New HQ?? New cons?! YES!

Episode 33 – Writer’s Block

The one where the Kirby boys talk about creativity and writing. Being creative is tough, so we share the tips we've picked up along the way to help YOU guys get on the road to creating the next generation of geeky content!

Episode 32 – MMO MADNESS!!

The one where the Kirby's discuss the history of MMO's, our favorite games, Tom Clancy's The Division, and the future of gaming.

Episode 31 – Wrath of the Demon Lord

The one where the Kirby boys take a trip into the land of Rûl to talk to Robert Schwalb, creator of their latest gaming obsession, Shadow of the Demon Lord. To find out more about Robert, and to pick up your copy of Shadow of [...]

Episode 30 – All Is Right With The World

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the beauty that is Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you've never seen the show, or need a refresher, listen to this week's episode.

Episode 29 – Nrdly News Live!!

The one where the Kirby boys dive into all the recent news from the geek film, tv, and game worlds. #NrdOn

Episode 28 – Verily, Amongst the Stars!

The one where the Kirby boys break down the geeky trailers from Super Bowl 50, and talk to Shakespearean Star Wars author, Ian Doescher! To purchase any of Ian's books, you can follow this link to Amazon and support his writing career.    

Episode 27 – Quarantine!

Hey guys- So due to sickness plaguing one half of the Nrdly Overlords, we've got a short one this week. A little 5 minute dose of X-Files and Nrdly news. Pardon the sound quality, too (we connected across vast distances this week). See you guys [...]

Episode 26 – 50 Shades of Geek

The one where the Kirby boys talk about Rey's parentage, what's going on in The Tower, and their other geeky obsessions beyond typical nerdery.

Nrdly Mini 05 – Magic Books

Geof talks about his new favorite books about magic on this new Mini. Mentioned are Lev Grossman's "The Magicians", "Alice" by Christina Henry, and "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik.

Episode 25 – Always

The one where the Kirby boys talk about 2016: the year of magic. From the resurgence of the Potter-verse, to Doctor Strange and more, this is the year that magic comes to the mainstream in more ways than before.

Nrdly Minis 04 – Kid Theater!

We're gonna try something new with the Mini for this week: Kid Theater! Colin brought his girlfriend, Emily the teacher, in to share some synopses of classic science fiction stories her students wrote out. Not gonna's pretty great. Join the Kirby boys and special [...]

Episode 24 – Swords and Cyborgs

The one where the Kirby boys talk their new favorite books, the difference between ebooks and physicals, and why Colin loves High Fantasy so much.  

Episode 23 – Year of the Nrd

Welcome to 2016, the Year of the Nrd! In this first of many new episodes, the Kirby boys talk about the upcoming plans for the year, our new favorite RPG, and why 2016 is the best time to be a Nrd.

Nrdly Mini – Star Wars Fans!!

This time around, Mini staff talks to Jacob Parker from the band "In Confidence" about his thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can check out "In Confidence" here


The one where the Kirby boys recount their spoilery thoughts of "The Force Awakens", and give a Geek State of the Union for 2015/2016 in this special double episode. #NrdOn!

Episode 21 – The Nrd Awakens

There's not much to say about this one: the boys have one final speculation session before "The Force Awakens". No spoilers here!

Episode 20 – Original Trilogy Edition

The one where the Kirby boys continue Star Wars Month, this time talking about their love for the original trilogy, with a hint of things to come in Episode VII. Email us at and let us know what YOU'RE doing for Episode VII! We'll feature [...]

Nrdly Mini 02 – Nrdly News from Dec 04, 2015

Geof's back with another Nrdly Mini! Today we've got some news from the last 24 hours, including The Game Awards and the bad juju between Hideo Kojima and Konagi, the Star Wars PR train from this week, and a side note about the app, shirts [...]

Episode 19 – Midichlorians and You

The one where the Kirby boys kick off the month of Star Wars with an in-depth analysis of why the Prequel Trilogy is so divisive. They also mention Michael Jackson, and read a Facebook post.

Nrdly Mini’s 01 – James Neathery

In the first edition of Nrdly Minis: Geof talks to James Neathery from "Steampunk'd" about his love of steampunk culture and his experience on the show. To check out his work, head to Nrdly Minis are, well, MINI Nrdly episodes. We take cool snippets [...]

Episode 18 – History is Geeky

The one where the boys go all in on modern history, ancient history, and how it all connects to the scifi and fantasy we know and love.

Episode 17 – What Makes You So S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

The one where the Kirby's announce the Nrdly Web Store, talk about returning to everyone's favorite wasteland, and killin zombies in Black Ops III.

Episode 16 – Accio Nrds!

The one where the Kirby boys recap their weekend at GMX, and then dive headfirst into the vast ocean that is the "Harry Potter" fandom.

Episode 15 – Blood Week!

Welcome to Nrdly's first annual Blood Week! This week's podcast is all about Halloween, spooky crap, and our favorite horror movies, comics, games, and more!  

Episode 13 – Such Anime. Many Fan-Service.

The one where the boys discuss the current state of anime, and pine for the good ole days.  

Episode 12 – Revenge of the Nrds

Star Wars Week (again)!! The one where we recap everything that's happened since our last Star Wars Week, speculate some more about Episode 7, and premier a clip from our special guest!!

Episode 11 – No Clever Title, Just Comics

The one where we talk about our favorite comics, comics movies, Batman, and we check in on Laugh-O-Gram. clever title.....we were tired.  

Episode 10 – Too Legit to Crit

The one where we talk about our favorite tabletop and board games, and Layne Ihde is back with an interview with Mike from DragonFall Con.

Episode 9 – All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Episode 8 – Much Film. Many Hero.

The one where we talk about the overabundance of superhero movies, our Force Friday haul, and the case for comics and video games as legitimate art.

Episode 7 – Tolkien Around

The one where the Kirby boys discuss the best LOTR/Hobbit Trilogy soundtracks, why everyone HATES PJ for ruining The Hobbit, and more Tolkien related goodness. For a small collection of Nrdly Middle Earth wallpapers for your phone/PC, click HERE!!

Episode 6 – Nostalgia Time!

This week, Colin and Geof take on a trip down nostalgia lane, and discuss how and when they got into geek culture, their favorite nerdy pastimes, and more. We hit you right in the geeky feels this week. Share YOUR experiences with geek culture in [...]

Episode 5 – The Force Among Us

The first of MANY Star Wars Specials Nrdly will be doing in the lead up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens. We discuss the D23 Expo, Rogue One, Saber Forge, and get emo on the new trilogy.

Episode 4 – #GodBlessPickboy

This week talk to our buddy Logan Sekulow about a multitude of things, not the least of which is his AWESOME Laugh-o-Gram paper. Laugh-o-Gram is a sweet physical paper full of nothing but comic strips. All your old school favorites (think Peanuts, Family Circus, Garfield), [...]

Episode 3 – Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

The one where Fanfiction gets its due diligence, and Colin is grilled on LOTR crap.  

Episode 2 – Have You Seen My Goggles?

The one where we talk to Steampunk legend, Ryan Dunlap.  

Episode 1 – Now with NO Jar-Jar

Welcome to the first episode of the Nrdly Podcast! In this episode: The one where the Kirby's introduce Nrdly, nerdgasm over The Force Awakens, and discuss the summer of awesome: from E3 to SDCC.