Check this out: Alterna Comics

While everyone else is freakin out Marvel this and DC that, I’m over here just diggin on some creator-owned action. One of my favorite publishers is Alterna Comics. If you don’t who these guys are, I pity you.

Alterna has some dope stuff: Mother Russia, FUBAR, and the one I’ve been following for a hot minute on Twitter, The Chair. I’m not gonna sit here and describe each one, I’ll let you discover the joy on your own. I just wanted to drop this note and tell you about one of my favorite creator-owned publishers.

Check out Alterna at their official site, follow them on Twitter, and be sure to go and support their Kickstarter for their new series.



By Geof

Geof started life as a scrawny little nerd. His first experience with Star Wars was at age 6 with Return of the Jedi, and he never looked back. He’s a fan of indie comics, anime, Pokemon/Zelda/Nintendo, JRPG’s, hard scifi, the occasional fantasy, metal/video game soundtracks, and Tim Burton films. Fall is his favorite season, due in no small part to Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.