Hey guys, Colin’s the name.

There’s not much to say about myself, so I’ll keep it short. I’m just a simple 19 year old nerd. I wish I could have a pint with Tolkien himself and run across the rooftops of Paris with the Assassin Brotherhood, one day I want to discover Atlantis and change the world.

Simple, right?

Seriously, thank you guys for not only visiting us being such vocal supporters. Nrdly. is something my brother and I have been wanting to start for a long time, and we’ve finally done it. I can’t really put in to words how excited we are to share all of the news and ideas we have up our sleeves with you guys!

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

See you all soon!

By Colin Kirby

I was born a few millennia too late and in the wrong universe. In another life, I was the great leader of a seafaring empire. I will lead you mortals into the dawn of a new era. Follow me.