Holonet Buzzfeed: Disney’s Star Wars Land

Holonet #2 Holonet Buzzfeed is a brand new segment here at Nrdly, that focuses on all the latest news and facts coming straight from the Galactic Holonet.  If you are like us, we love to keep up with the newest and juiciest details going on in the galaxy, and we can’t wait to share all our findings with you!  Stay with Nrdly and we will keep you ahead of all the Force driven buzzfeed!

The latest and biggest news to come out of the most recent Disney Shareholders meeting, is an update on the newest Disney expansion; a Star Wars themed section of both Disney resorts tentatively known as Star Wars Land.

star wars land concept 2

On August 15, 2015, at the D23 Expo, Disney announced the plans to design a 14 acre Star Wars themed expansion at both the Disneyland and Disneyworld parks.  That would make SWL the largest single themed, Disney land expansions ever!  (Allow me to give an obnoxious “TAKE THAT!” to all the Twilight fans who told me their fandom was better than mine!)

Here’s what we know so far; which isn’t much to be honest.  There will be two main attractions at the parks.  The first being a mission based ride experience in which guests can pilot the Millenium Falcon through some sort of mission based adventure.  The other giving the guest an opportunity to be thrust into an epic battle.  While the attractions seem cool, personally I am more excited about the architecture and overall surroundings!  Being inside a theme park designed to look exactly like a Star Wars world, definitely seems better than waiting in a line for two attractions.  But nevertheless, piloting the Falcon would be a nerdgasm waiting to happen!  (Yes…”nerdgasm” is a Nrdly trademarked word and we expect to be paid well in republic credits upon each use.)

8_15_wdi_002The update given at the shareholders meeting was that construction and ground breaking for these new attractions would start in April of 2016.  further statements were that the designs and themes that were originally announced have been tweaked slightly but, to quote Disney CEO Bob Iger, “I wouldn’t focus on what was in an earlier design plan because what we are building will be great.”

Keep up with us here at Nrdly for all the Star Wars Land updates, and as always, May the Force be with you!


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By Jacob