Jedi Artifacts: The Black Series Trooper 4 Pack

Star-Wars-Black-Series-GroupThe newest artifact to be submitted into the archives (a.k.a my action figure shelf) comes to us from Hasbro’s Black Series Line.  Now, you all should be very aware that the 6inch Black Series line is definitely my favorite action figure line to collect.  I have carefully collected every figure in the series since the line was originally created several years ago.  If you love Star Wars figures, but have always wanted a 6 inch version of your favorite 3.75 inch figures, then this is the series for you.  It is definitely a die hard fan favorite figure line and in my opinion, the best thing to come out of Hasbro in a long time!  The series is still growing and only releases roughly 4-6 different figures every couple months, so it’s never too late to get started and it is a fairly easy line to catch up with and star collecting.

The Black Series Trooper Four Pack:

maxresdefaultThis particular pack is a troop builders dream set.  It properly showcases the evolution of the trooper over the span of the saga.  The pack starts with a Phase 1 clone trooper commander, which is the first style of clone trooper armor we are introduced to in Attack of the Clones.  The next trooper is the Phase 2 clone armor, which my personal favorite, and at this point, is the only time this particular armor is available in the BS 6 inch line.  All of these figures are exclusive to this pack, but this is the only figure mold we havn’t seen other variations of yet.  Next is a battle worn Imperial Stormtrooper.  this figure is unique because he has blaster burns across his armor, giving him an aged and worn look to his armor.  The last figure in the pack is a new First Order Officer.  It’s amazing how you can take a regular trooper and add an orange shoulder pad and suddenly he’s way more intense.

In my opinion, the troopers are some of the coolest figures in the 6inch BS line, so naturally a 4 pack of exclusive troopers with armor variants is a day made for this collector.

Not only are the figures in this pack amazing, but arguably the best part of this pack is the packaging!  91Y66NJIu2L._SL1500_

The sleek look of the new Black Series, red and black packaging, really shines in this pack.  The box is beautifully illustrated with trooper classifications and photos of each particular figure; But that is just the outside!  The packaging unfolds to reveal and well designed showcase for each figure.


In summary, this figure pack is a must have for any BS 6 inch figure collector, but also could be the coolest way to start collecting Black Series figures.  You are not too late to start!  By this point there are already so many figures in the line, that you have a plethora of characters to choose from!  whether you start with this pack or another single figure, eventually Palpatine is going to need more clones, Vader is going to need more troops, and Kylo is going to need more loyal, traitor hating soldiers.  And when the day comes when you need to build their armies, remember that article you read on ole’ Nrdly about that super sick trooper pack, and you know what to do after that.  BUY IT!

Amazon Price: $80


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By Jacob