Geof Kirby

Co-Founder, Geek Otaku


Geof started life as a scrawny little nerd. His first experience with Star Wars was at age 6 with Return of the Jedi, and he never looked back. He’s a fan of indie comics, anime, Pokemon/Zelda/Nintendo, JRPG’s, hard scifi, the occasional fantasy, metal/video game soundtracks, and Tim Burton films. Fall is his favorite season, due in no small part to Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


Colin Kirby

Co-Founder, Tolkien Nrd

Colin is probably one of the nerdiest people with social skills out there. He’s a 19 year old Indiana Jones that belongs in Middle Earth, stuck here. Ever since he was a kid, he’s dreamt of far away lands and going on great adventures, which of course gets you loads of friends. Throughout his childhood he had to whet his appetite for adventure through books, movies, and video games, and his love for the true culture of the “nrd” came alive. His best friend was J.R.R. Tolkien, and he taught him just about everything he knows. He believes in Atlantis, because that’s very important, and he’ll have a 4 hour conversation about it with you.

“My passion has taken flight with Nrdly, and I can’t wait for you guys to experience the journey alongside all of us here!” 

celiaCelia Goodyear

Asst. Editor-in-Chief, From the Other Side

Celia Goodyear has loved all things geek since she first saw Superman issue #158 as a child. Today, she has embraced all things DC Universe, thinks Wonder Woman is more powerful than Superman and Batman combined, wishes The Bionic Woman would come back, and is anxiously awaiting the new Star Wars movie. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog.

Layne Ihde

Author, Geek-of-all-Trades

Layne Ihde is a musician who enjoys collecting Troll dolls, naming them, circling them up and then having deep conversations about quantum mechanics. He loves all manner of geekdom, including but not limited to: Amazing Spider-Man, Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets, Robotech: Macross Saga, Miyazaki films, video games (especially Bioware), Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, & Firefly. He also rites kind uv guud, which is why Geof and Colin asked him to be Assistant Editor in Chief.

Bucky Elliot

Author, The Intellectual Geek


Bucky Elliott is an awkward Army brat, husband, dad of three, missionary, abolitionist, blogger, and geek in Spring Hill, Tennessee who thinks in song lyrics and movie quotes. He is nerdiest about theology, sci-fi, film, comics, books, science, video production, world cultures, and all things Star Wars. He also has a healthy appreciation for video and tabletop gaming, anime, kung fu movies, guns, food, hiking, and music of all genres. Nobody will play Scene It or Trivial Pursuit with him for the same reasons he will not play Monopoly with anyone else. He is not a licensed fisherman, electrician, pilot, or ninja, but his name is in the Fellowship of the Ring credits.

Josh Hearne



Red Five standing by…Josh is a more gadget, science and space centric nerd, focusing on the physical, tangible aspect than the media and fictional. A big Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan fan, he’s more at home watching COSMOS than Gundam or Dragonball. That said, Star Wars is easily his favorite series, in all its forms. Also a bass player, he enjoys music, nerdy or not. Winter is his favorite season, Orion is always visible then and the cold nights offer often clear views of the nebula within.

Chris Carlos

Author, Games n Stuff

Chris is a loose lipped smart ass who loves everything in the geek and nerd universe. He’s a vaping, gaming, comic reading nut who’s going to take you all on a glorious adventure through his nerd brain. To quote him: “Fasten your seat belts and put on your brown pants, Nrds, it’s gonna be a fun ride.”




Coruscant Holonet

Jake is a musician by day but a Jedi at heart.  His passion towards music/cinema and film are directly influenced by the power of the Force flowing through him.  Jake began his jedi training through his uncle who burnt him illegal copies of the original trilogy on VHS, and since then the learner has become the master.  With a room full of collectibles, a lightsaber in hand, and the Star Wars Holiday special hidden out of sight, (but strangely accesible) Jake scours the Jedi temple archives for the latest news and tidbits to train others in the ways of the Force.


BradBrad Perry


Brad is an outspoken nerd-of-all-trades that loves all things film, gaming, music, film, comedy, Funko, film, food, and film. His favorites vary from psychological thrillers to Disney movies. (Seriously he’ll talk for hours about Disney). He’s been writing since he was young and has always had a passion for the nerdier things in life. When he’s not watching and/or writing about film he enjoys playing games like Mass Effect or The Witcher 3, cooking and trying new foods, writing and playing music, playing with dogs, and going to comedy shows.


mikeMike Lager

The Tavern Table

Mike has had a colorful life and was a professional musician and toured nationally with various symphony orchestras, jazz groups, and death metal bands when he wore a younger mans clothes. He is the owner of, the oldest hobby gaming retailer on the web, for over 19 years, as well as Dragon-fall Con, one of the premier tabletop gaming cons in the country. He has an extensive comic and gaming collection, with over 10,000 miniatures for various war-games. Other hobbies include listening to Scandinavian black metal, playing DnD, and watching anime. He also sucks supremely at FPS’s like Destiny and BattleFront…. but continues to play anyway……