Daredevil: Stop the Foggy Hate!



Last week the second season of DareDevil launched on Netflix.  This you probably already know.

What is amazing to me is that all of the media pundits have chimed in.  Most have summed up the season with the following critique:

  • Incredible Martial Arts/ Stunt Work/ Choreography.
  • Above average plot development, with The Punisher and Electra really making this season stand out
  • Foggy is the worst actor in the world, and should not be a part of the series going forward.
  • Wait what the heck was that last one????

Yes- according to all the major critics, Foggy (played by Elden Henson), is the worst actor in the Marvel Universe and needs to be post edited out of the series JarJar Binks style from Episode IAre they watching the same show as I am?  Could this have anything to do with all the body shaming that is going on in our culture?  Unfortunately, I think the answer to that question is YES.


I don’t think the negative forces out there understand how POWERFUL Foggy’s character is in relation to DareDevil.  Foggy is one of the few people that knows the DareDevil’s true identity.   His character represents the DUALITY of DareDevil/ Matt Murdoch’s character, and grounds him in humanity.  Without Foggy, you do not see how choices, or lack of choices, effect Matt Murdoch.   He sets up the inner struggle that DareDevil is confronted with this season:  Are Electra and the Punisher going to influence DareDevil down the path of vigilantism; or is Matt Murdoch going to continue his law practice seeking justice in a court of law with Nelson?

There is no Sturm and Drang without Foggy Nelson in DareDevil…. period.  We can relate to him because he loves his friend, and wants what is best for him.  He sees the toll that being the vigilante DareDevil has on MM.  He is overweight, enjoys beer, tries and fails at love, and overall is HUMAN.  Let’s forgive the guy because he does not have 6 pack abs.  The bigger question would be if Foggy Nelson would be believable as a buff, bodybuilder lawyer in the series.  That answer is a resounding NO.

Now, let’s not go crazy here.  Will Elden Henson be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor for his role in DareDevil anytime soon, most likely not.  But let’s not pan a solid performance.  In fact, I am very impressed with the supporting cast all around in season two.  It is a big improvement in the Marvel Universe from other season 1 efforts.

Speaking of which, the season can’t me mentioned without giving huge props to Jon Bernthal for his protrail of The Punisher.  In my opinion, his performance and creation story arc were more interesting that DareDevil’s this season.  (but that is no surprise.  Punisher is one of my favorite comic characters.)

Overall I am in agreement with the other critics about this season of DareDevil, sans the above.  This show is a delight, and should be a priority to watch over the next few weeks.  (before the much anticipated, super hyped Game of Thrones, starts in April.)

Until next time-  Keep Gaming!



About the commentator-Mike has been playing wargames for over 35 years.  He is the owner of ciphergames.com, the oldest hobby gaming retailer on the web, for over 19 years.  8 of which were also a brick and mortar retail store. 
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By Mike from Dragon-Fall

Mike has had a colorful life and was a professional musician and toured nationally with various symphony orchestras, jazz groups, and death metal bands when he wore a younger mans clothes. He is the owner of ciphergames.com, the oldest hobby gaming retailer on the web, for over 19 years. He has an extensive comic and gaming collection, with over 10,000 miniatures for various war-games. Other hobbies include listening to Scandinavian black metal, playing DnD, and watching anime. He also sucks supremely at FPS’s like Destiny and BattleFront…. but continues to play anyway……