Nrdly hit up Force Friday

NEbE9oO14EOAeg_2_bEarly this morning, at 4 am CST, I woke up, groggy from my three hours of sleep. I trudged to the shower, emerging refreshed and slightly more awake. I threw on my favorite Star Wars tee, my favorite jeans, and grabbed my Bag of Holding to head out the door. My destination: The Disney Store.

Force Friday is officially upon us, and instead of hitting the epic crowds at midnight, I decided to hit up The Disney Store at 5 am for some awesome exclusives. You can check out the shenanigans below.

Did you get anything awesome? Share it below!!

By Geof

Geof started life as a scrawny little nerd. His first experience with Star Wars was at age 6 with Return of the Jedi, and he never looked back. He’s a fan of indie comics, anime, Pokemon/Zelda/Nintendo, JRPG’s, hard scifi, the occasional fantasy, metal/video game soundtracks, and Tim Burton films. Fall is his favorite season, due in no small part to Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.