Rebels Recap: S3E2 – The Antilles Extraction

Following an Imperial TIE attack on food transports escorted by Phoenix A-wings which are all destroyed, the rebels are afraid the attrition of their fleet cripple their strength. Commander Sato reveals intel from Fulcrum — which he explains is an operative code name not specific to Ahsoka — indicating there are cadets at an elite TIE academy who wish to defect. Sabine, having been an Imperial cadet herself, is covertly inserted among a squad at the academy to assist the defectors in their escape. Guess who’s among the squadron? It’s Wedge Antilles!



As the cadet squad runs drills and competes in simulator missions, they’re faced with a scenario in which they have to destroy a disabled enemy ship. When Sabine refuses to do so on ethical grounds, Wedge respects her decision but warns her that other cadets and officers won’t. While the cadets become further acquainted, Kallus and Pryce arrive via shuttle to inform the officers that they’ve suspected traitors in the academy and that they’re launching a full investigation. Sabine blows her cover to Wedge, asking him if he wants to get out along with the other defectors she has been sent to extract. Sure enough, this is how Wedge joins the Rebellion. On the way to another training exercise, Wedge introduces two other cadets who want to defect — and one’s none other than Hobbie (also of Rogue Squadron fame)!

During this exercise in which the pilots get to fly real TIEs, the defectors attempt break away and rendezvous with a nearby Rebel ship piloted by Ezra and Kanan, but they’re pursued by the Imps and take heavy fire. One of their squad members is killed, and the rest of them are captured. Sabine gives herself up as the rebel extractor, but Pryce has already figured that out. She keeps Sabine for torture while Hobbie and Wedge are thrown into a cell. They cook up an escape plan, of course, and make quick work of it.


In the torture chamber, Sabine takes her chance to attack Pryce, and after a significant struggle (read: cat fight) manages to throw her into the torture probes to earn a getaway. She meets the duo of new rebels on the way out and they all run into a surprise: Agent Callum. However, they’re further surprised when he decides to let them go, telling them to let Zeb know they’re “even now”. Stealing a TIE Bomber, the three evade additional Imperial pursuit long enough for Ezra’s corvette to drop out of hyperspace and dock up.

Also in this episode: Ezra and Kanan have a conversation about how to stay calm when situations are beyond their control and why it’s important to trust their friends.


Again, Disney shows they appreciate long-time fans of the Star Wars media legacy and care about connecting all of their new properties to existing canon. What happens between the prequels, Clone Wars, and The Original Trilogy matters; thus we have Rebels and will soon have Rogue One. And it’s why they’re taken so seriously, yet are so much fun.

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