Lightweek in Tech Support: Account Security and Tips

Sorry for the absence friends, been a hectic month. We're back and ready for more. Lightweek in Tech Support is something I'm looking to do every so often. With the holidays coming up, rest assured my Nrdly brethren we'll be called upon to provide the [...]

Lightweek in Tech: The New MacBook Pro

After months of waiting, rumors and leaks, the new MacBook Pro models are upon us. Yesterday, Apple took to the stage to celebrate their 25th anniversary of their first laptop by finally revamping their professional line of laptops. People are going to have mixed opinions [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Microsoft Announcements Recap

Yesterday, Microsoft took Center Stage ahead of Apple to announce new Windows updates and features plus some new and updated hardware. Windows will see a feature update in the Spring of 2017. They're calling it the Creators Update. Also announced was Microsoft's first look at [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Smarthome Update

It's been a day or three since I took a look at my progress in the world of smart home technology. I've made some minor adjustments, but overall I've been liking how I've got things going for the time being. I want this Lightweek to [...]

An Addict’s Review of “Rise of Iron”

Here we are again, Guardians. After several months of playing other games after we gobbled up every bit of content in the April update within a week, we are all back again in the Tower, in Crucible, and this time with a brand new (Gigantic) [...]

The PlayStation 4 Pro Creates More Problems Than it Solves

And there we have it, folks. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim models have officially been announced. The interim models of the Sony and Microsoft consoles are both about to be released into the world, but do we really need them at this point in [...]

Lightweek in Tech: 4K/UHD TV – Upgrade or Not?

Last month I made the switch to 4K - UHD (Ultra High Definition) from an early LED Samsung model. It was aged and was going to need to be replaced eventually and I was having some issues with some HDMI ports. I ended up getting [...]

Xbox One Slim First Look

  Hey everyone, I finally got my hands on the new Xbox One Slim and wanted to give you my first thoughts. Initially, one can tell right away it’s gorgeous, at least in my opinion. I love the modern white finish with black accents on [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Windows 10 Anniversary Update

July 29th brought about the end of the free upgrade to Windows 10. Hopefully, if you wanted Windows 10, you managed to upgrade in time. I was quick to do my desktop in the first day or two it became available. Windows 8 was usable, [...]

Overwatch: My New Addiction!

Mike from Dragon-fall here.  It is no secret that if I am to play a video game, 99% of the time it will be a First Person Shooter.  We have them all at the house.  Halo, Destiny, All the CoD, Battlefield, and Star Wars shooters.  [...]

Episode 42 – Death of a Bastard

The one where the Kirby boys dissect all the hits and misses of E3, and we get to Nrd out over the Battle of the Bastards.

Lightweek in Tech: Review – XBox One Elite Controller

I've been fortunate in my adult life to be able to snag a few of the things I think I might enjoy. There's still more that I'd like to get than those that I do buy. Sometimes they're an impulse buy, other times they have [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Self Help and DIY

"Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?" One thing there is never a shortage of, is people needing help with their smartphone or computers. Either someone has a virus on the family laptop, or typically a ton of adware and malware. [...]

Big Plans for Destiny!

Destiny has always been an interesting beast. It's a game that, since first announced, I expected to change the way we see multiplayer games on consoles. What was supposed to be a truly original story and storytelling experience, coupled with deep character progression and MMO mechanics [...]

Xbox Chief Vows Console Is Key

In the battle for next gen console supremacy, everyone knows PS4 has trounced X1 in overall sales. And, friendly feud Colin and I have going aside, they are of course, both great systems. But head of Xbox One Phil Spencer hasn't surrendered just yet. As [...]

Lightweek in Tech: Compact Edition

Prefacing this Lightweek by saying I'm out of town right now and haven't been able to keep up with everything going on in technology this week. With that and how busy I've been prepping for this week, this Lightweek will be a little shorter than [...]

Good Guy….Facebook? Security and More

Kicking off the day in my news feed was an article about Facebook looking to start warning users about unusual account activity. It's meant to warn you about an attempt at breaching your account, but not like someone guessing your password, phishing your info or [...]

Microsoft Surfaces Again

Earlier this week, Microsoft held an event where it debuted new hardware. For the past couple years since the release of Windows 8.0, the Microsoft Surface was the only real piece of hardware they dabbled with. A pseudo laptop with a detachable keyboard, with Windows [...]

Nolanbot Is The Companion Us Guardians Have Always Needed

When Destiny first released back in September 2014, people had their concerns and definitely made them known. From the strange leveling system to the MMO grind that console players are clearly NOT used to, Bungie had a few changes to make. One I feel, however, was never [...]

Praise To Melitele, Physical Gwent Decks Are Coming!!

CD Projekt Red has announced today that the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release next month on both PS4 and Xbox One. The pack will also come with a limited edition boxed release at specific retailers that will come [...]

Check out the opening to Halo 5: Guardians

The Microsoft corner of the internet exploded this morning when the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians showed up on Youtube. Behold....the glory.   Let's give a rundown here: Epic Spartan battle action Crazy battle between Forerunner and Covenant forces FRAKKIN NATHAN FILLION!!!!!! recap: [...]

“The Taken King” Prologue Trailer. All Kinds of Goodness.

Not going to say much, but this trailer is looking freaking sweet. Thanks Eris Morn for actually doing something finally!

Microsoft has actually made something I want more than HoloLens

Okay...maybe not MORE than HoloLens, but dammit...I still want this! It's a foldable keyboard that works with iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows devices. I mean...freakin-A! I know I already have the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard, but about awesome portability. Snaps shut with a magnet. [...]