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An Addict’s Review of “Rise of Iron”

Here we are again, Guardians. After several months of playing other games after we gobbled up every bit of content in the April update within a week, we are all back again in the Tower, in Crucible, and this time with a brand new (Gigantic) [...]

The PlayStation 4 Pro Creates More Problems Than it Solves

And there we have it, folks. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim models have officially been announced. The interim models of the Sony and Microsoft consoles are both about to be released into the world, but do we really need them at this point in [...]

Xbox One Slim First Look

  Hey everyone, I finally got my hands on the new Xbox One Slim and wanted to give you my first thoughts. Initially, one can tell right away it’s gorgeous, at least in my opinion. I love the modern white finish with black accents on [...]

Episode 44 – TEAM MYSTIC!

The one where the Kirby boys wax nostalgia on their own journeys with the Pokémon franchise, and discuss the finer points of Pokémon Go and being a part of Team Mystic. Artwork BG: devilraik

Episode 42 – Death of a Bastard

The one where the Kirby boys dissect all the hits and misses of E3, and we get to Nrd out over the Battle of the Bastards.

Episode 41 – MOD ALL THE THINGS!!

The one where the Kirby's discuss console mods, E3, the new X-men and why it's not bad, and the latest episode of Game of Thrones (Spoiler: Lady Mormont is a badass).

Dark Souls gets a tabletop experience?!

Well, Dark Souls 3 is right around the corner. Bandai Namco's third entry into the punishing suicide simulator is, as always, one of the most anticipated games of the year. However, what happens when you love the Dark Souls world but you're not so much a fan of [...]

Episode 32 – MMO MADNESS!!

The one where the Kirby's discuss the history of MMO's, our favorite games, Tom Clancy's The Division, and the future of gaming.

Episode 29 – Nrdly News Live!!

The one where the Kirby boys dive into all the recent news from the geek film, tv, and game worlds. #NrdOn

Big Plans for Destiny!

Destiny has always been an interesting beast. It's a game that, since first announced, I expected to change the way we see multiplayer games on consoles. What was supposed to be a truly original story and storytelling experience, coupled with deep character progression and MMO mechanics [...]

Xbox Chief Vows Console Is Key

In the battle for next gen console supremacy, everyone knows PS4 has trounced X1 in overall sales. And, friendly feud Colin and I have going aside, they are of course, both great systems. But head of Xbox One Phil Spencer hasn't surrendered just yet. As [...]

Oculus Rift Pre-Sale, $600 Is Just The Start

Happy New Year Nrdly-ites, Layne here and I've missed you. Many of you know I am also a musician and let me just say, this past holiday season was an absolute cracker gig-wise. But, now I'm back and on the prowl for the latest and [...]

Episode 23 – Year of the Nrd

Welcome to 2016, the Year of the Nrd! In this first of many new episodes, the Kirby boys talk about the upcoming plans for the year, our new favorite RPG, and why 2016 is the best time to be a Nrd.

Michael Fassbender is totally an “Assassin’s Creed” dork and it’s perfect.

Hey guys! Long time, no see. With the stress of finding a new job, buying a car, and staying financially stable, I've been forced to take a step back from the frontlines of Nrdly lately. I've been hard at work behind the scenes with Geof planning [...]

Nrdly Mini 02 – Nrdly News from Dec 04, 2015

Geof's back with another Nrdly Mini! Today we've got some news from the last 24 hours, including The Game Awards and the bad juju between Hideo Kojima and Konagi, the Star Wars PR train from this week, and a side note about the app, shirts [...]

All Aboard the Poop Train: Tales from the Borderlands

Hey guys! So here at NRDLY, we all have our general area of expertise, mine being movies, but we all love everything nrdy, and today I’m here to bring you guys a review of Tales from the Borderlands. During GMX, the guys told me about [...]

Episode 17 – What Makes You So S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

The one where the Kirby's announce the Nrdly Web Store, talk about returning to everyone's favorite wasteland, and killin zombies in Black Ops III.

GMX 2015: All the Best Cosplay

Last weekend Colin, Layne, Tyler, and I went to our local geek con, GMX, and had a freakin BLAST. It was an awesome time full of steampunk, superheroes, tabletop, Destiny, and more. What was TRULY impressive though, was the level of cosplay. Everyone was firing [...]

Nrdly Blood Week: My Favorite Horror Video Games

In this world, we have an overload in the video game industry. It seems as though every three months there's a new genre obsession. MMOs, horror, first-person shooters, survival horror, the list goes on. With the popularity and strength of Steam on computers, almost anyone [...]

Destiny Player Solos Crota With Rockband Drum kit. Watch It.

As you all should know by now, the gaming community as a whole plays host to some fantastic characters. Destiny in particular, has some of the craziest antics of the last few years. Throwing Atheon off a cliff, surfing on a speeder bike with headshotting an enemy on [...]

NRDLY Blood Week: Bungie Brought Halloween Spirit To Destiny!

So, if you've logged into Destiny the last two days, you (hopefully) have noticed the "Festival of the Lost" event taking place in the Tower. A wonderful Halloween themed event that Bungie has thrust upon us, it goes for two weeks starting 10/26. So log on, choose [...]

“Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” Comes Out Swinging!

So, it's that time of year again. Assassin's Creed is upon us, gracing us with its presence, and I couldn't be happier. One of my all-time favorite video game franchises (I have the Assassins symbol tattooed on my arm, I'm hopeless) has been down on its luck [...]

Stephen Colbert had THE greatest musical guest…..EVER.

On last night's The Late Show Stephen Colbert flexed his geek muscle and had the greatest musical guest in the history of late night television. Yes. The Zelda Orchestra performed. I mean...incredible, right?! The Zelda Orchestra is currently touring around the country, spreading geeky musical joy [...]

Retrospective: My Love For “Sly Cooper” Part 1

What’s up guys! It’s Tyler. I am here to bring you a review on a game that started all of this. It started my passion for games and movies. When I was 4, my parents bought me “Sly Cooper: The Thievius Raccoonus”, and it was [...]

Nolanbot Is The Companion Us Guardians Have Always Needed

When Destiny first released back in September 2014, people had their concerns and definitely made them known. From the strange leveling system to the MMO grind that console players are clearly NOT used to, Bungie had a few changes to make. One I feel, however, was never [...]

The Vita is Dead, Long Live Vita

I’ve not made it any secret around Nrdly that I’m the resident PS Vita guy. I love my little “Pocket PS3”, and while I struggle to find time (sometimes) to play, some of my favorite games can be had on the system. I know what [...]

Episode 10 – Too Legit to Crit

The one where we talk about our favorite tabletop and board games, and Layne Ihde is back with an interview with Mike from DragonFall Con.

I’ve Always Wanted A Game Like Destiny, Part 1: The Beginning

Look, I'll keep this short and sweet, I'm addicted to Destiny. Well, okay, maybe 'addicted' isn't the right word, I have a strong connection with it. The MMO grinding, alien shooting, Ghost scanning scifi/fantasy roleplaying game has caught me up in a way that no [...]

Episode 9 – All Your Base Are Belong To Us


Today's Playstation event at the Tokyo Game Show just dropped some epic Vita related news. As a self-proclaimed Vita apologist, this excites me to no end. Here's a short collection of what I'm MOST stoked for.             I don't think [...]

Star Wars Uprising Gives Us the First Look at the New Star Wars Canon

With The Force Awakens coming to theaters in less than 100 days, and with Force Friday now behind us, there's been an endless stream of Star Wars news and goodies, seemingly every day. One of the most anticipated things is the recently released Star Wars [...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Trespasser’ DLC Out Now

New DLC is now available for Bioware's expansive RPG world in Dragon Age: Inquisition and only for latest gen consoles (360 and PS3, you're out of luck). Set two years after the events of Inquisition, Trespasser is an entirely new campaign, unlike most DLC which [...]

Episode 8 – Much Film. Many Hero.

The one where we talk about the overabundance of superhero movies, our Force Friday haul, and the case for comics and video games as legitimate art.

Hyper Realistic Hyrule? YES PLEASE!!!

Everyone loves Ocarina of Time. If you don't, you're not human. It was one of the most influential games of all time and set the standard for RPG's from that point forward. It was the one game that launched my deep passion for gaming. All that [...]

Hold On To Your Butts. “Battlefront” Is Getting A Beta.

Well, we all wanted it. DICE announced today that we're getting a Battlefront beta playable this October. Here's the official statement from DICE below for those of you who don't like links. "Coming early October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC, the Star [...]

Check out the opening to Halo 5: Guardians

The Microsoft corner of the internet exploded this morning when the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians showed up on Youtube. Behold....the glory.   Let's give a rundown here: Epic Spartan battle action Crazy battle between Forerunner and Covenant forces FRAKKIN NATHAN FILLION!!!!!! recap: [...]

New Xbox One ELITE bundle drops in November

Around here at Nrdly, we're Sony fans. I've got a Vita, Colin has his PS4, and beside Nintendo, and a brief stint with 1st gen Xbox, we've always been Playstation people. This new bundle from Microsoft, though, is seriously tempting me for my next home [...]

Worst video game ever made sells for over $100k

After 34 days of development in 1982, "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" was released to critical horror. It was the worst game ever made (if you don't believe me....go find a youtube clip. I've played's me...), and promptly it was shunned and pulled from the [...]

Diablo fans REJOICE! Patch 2.3.0 is LIVE!

With patch 2.3.0 dropping today, a lot of Diablo 3 fans are ready to get back in and start the old grind all over again. I, myself, am super stoked about all the new changes with the patch right before season 4 starts on August [...]

We’re Getting A”Borderlands” Film!!

It was announced today that the movie studio Lionsgate will begin developing the first in a planned series of Borderlands films with producers Avi and Ari Arad. Whaaaaaaaaaat?! In an age when more video game movies are being developed (Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, etc.), and most [...]

Episode 6 – Nostalgia Time!

This week, Colin and Geof take on a trip down nostalgia lane, and discuss how and when they got into geek culture, their favorite nerdy pastimes, and more. We hit you right in the geeky feels this week. Share YOUR experiences with geek culture in [...]

WAIT…Is Destiny Getting Swords?! ANSWERED: YES.

So if you're a fan of Destiny, hopefully you were watching the livestream from Bungie's Twitch page in which DeeJ and couple of other Bungie faithfuls walked us through some of the changes The Taken King will bring to Destiny. A lot of news is coming out of [...]

Is Super Meat Boy FINALLY getting a sequel?!

Did you ever have a chance to play the SUPER AMAZINGNESS that was Super Meat Boy? No?? Okay...go play it. We'll wait. ...   ....   .....   .......   Done? Good. You want a sequel now, right? Well...for the longest time, the guys over [...]

Geof’s Geek State of the Union, Pt. 1

Ever since I was a kid, I've always dreamed of doing something like this. Parlaying my passions into some sort of career, be it writing, music, gaming, or something else entirely (at one point it was skateboarding and archaeology). It's amazing and breathtaking for me, [...]

Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” hits in 2017

Ready Player One, the best nerdy nostalgia trip ever, is making it's way to theaters on December 15, 2017, according to a rep from Warner Bros. Steven Spielberg is at the helm, giving everyone around the globe a sense of hope for the future of [...]

Battlefront Reveals Squadron Multiplayer

So we're all excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we here at Nrdly. all love video games. The two of these together creates something just as exciting: Star Wars: Battlefront. Since 2005's sequel, we've all been waiting very impatiently for a return to [...]

“Pixels”: the only film not worth reviewing in 2015 (so far)

So.....Pixels. Pretty much the worst rated movie of the year. Here at Nrdly, were not even gonna bother with it. Which really sucks, because the premise is a really cool idea, and if done right, could have been an AWESOME film (a la Scott Pilgrim). [...]