Weekly Recap – Star Wars Rebels – S2E2 “Relics of the Old Republic”



Continuing the story from the previous episode, the Imperials arrive on Seelos under the command of Admiral Konstantine and Agent Kallus to destroy the rebels and the 501st remnant. As promised, Rex gives Ezra information about strategic Republic locations, but Ezra is not dissuaded from trying to convince the veterans to join their cause. After all, they’ve been pulled back into conflict with the Empire now, anyway. The clones are resolute in their desire to stay out of the galactic war, but offer to help the Ghost crew escape. Agent Kallus orders Rex to deliver our heroes, but he declares his refusal and begins the fight just as a sandstorm blows in, preventing the Rebels’ escape. The situation becomes more dire as Kallus deploys AT-ATs to surround and attack the clones’ walker and the tense ground battle ensues. While the Imp walkers are blinded, Ezra uses the Force to target and destroy one of the AT-ATs, buying them time to escape the storm take off in the Phantom. As the enemy closes in to obliterate AT-TE, the Rebels hijack one of the other walkers and destroy Kallus’s AT-AT. Kallus retreats and the heroes finally leave Seelos to reunite with the rest of the Rebel fleet. In tow is none other than Rex, who embraces Ahsoka, ready to fight another day with his old comrade.

By Bucky Elliott

Bucky Elliott is an awkward Army brat, husband, dad of three, missionary, abolitionist, blogger, and geek in Spring Hill, Tennessee who thinks in song lyrics and movie quotes. He is nerdiest about theology, sci-fi, film, comics, books, science, video production, world cultures, and all things Star Wars. He also has a healthy appreciation for video and tabletop gaming, anime, kung fu movies, guns, food, hiking, and music of all genres. Nobody will play Scene It or Trivial Pursuit with him for the same reasons he will not play Monopoly with anyone else. He is not a licensed fisherman, electrician, pilot, or ninja, but his name is in the Fellowship of the Ring credits.